• Season 1, Ep 1

Watch A Full 5 Minutes Of The Shaunie’s Home Court Series Premiere

Find out how Shaunie handles the competitive nature of her kids in the series premiere of Shaunies Home Court Sunday July 17th + 10:30/9:30c only on VH1!

07/13/2016 · 5:06

Come on, bro, let'ssee what you got.

Hey, I got-I got-I got-I got 50 on Myles.

People say Shareefis kind of following

in his father's footsteps,as far as basketball.

He's really good.


All right,let's go, Reef.

(whistle blows)

Let's go, Myles!Come on, Reef!

Big brother, what?Aah!

Come on, Reef!This what you do!

Myles iskicking your ass!

Bring it, Myles!

Oh, look at this.Oh, my God.

Here we go.

I want my money.Want my money.

(Myles)Never bet against me.

And I bet you didn't think I wasgonna win that one, did you?

I did not.

Shareef is taking thisreal laid back,

kind of like, whatever,

but to be losing to Mylesin the game of basketball,

Shareef's not happy.

Snapchat, I just won this game.

Look at Shareef beinga sore loser over there.

You're looking at your winnerof the day, Myles V. O'Neal.

All right, you dumb, bro.

What size are you, ten?

I'm a 10-1/2.

How much money you got?

It don't matter.I need second shoe.

No, you don't.You can just get one pair.

You suck.

You suck.

(Keyonna)I've been helping Shaunieraise these kids

since I was 18 years old,

since they were in thesock-sized shoes that they--

Booties.Yeah, booties.

So, now they in size 15.

I guess it'sthe circle of life.

Aw, look at the baby shoes.

Look at the baby shoes.

For what?

What you mean, for what?

Made for babies.

I'm saying, like,if I had a baby.

If you had a baby?

I got a clock.Women life.

I don't know,I think you crave them

after a while or something.

You know that you haveto sleep with a dude

to have this baby,right? Like...

Yeah, no, there'sgotta be another way.

'Cause that's never happening.

Not today.


I'm getting these.No, you're not.

This is faith.I'm stepping up.

Can I have theseshoes, please?

No, wait, why are yougetting a baby shoe?

Baby fever.She probably already got

baby outfits in the closet.

Who's the father?Right.

Who's the father?I don't know.

God is the father.(laughing)

This is about to bean immaculate conception.



Smells pretty goodin here.

So, jabroni...

(Shaunie)Well, what is jabroni?

"Jabroni: a jobless loser."

Wait, so you thinkI'm a loser?

It's like,ha ha ha, you're stupid.

You knowwhen people say that.

You say that about me?No!

(Shaunie)Are your hands clean?

Get buckets.

Those are good!


Are you guys seriousright now?

Here goes the shenanigans.

It is Cuties being thrownall around the kitchen...


...wisping by my face.

Can I just make spaghetti,please?


No, you're not,no you're not.

Oh, my God.

♪ Unh, in the kitchen,chewing the oranges ♪

♪ Mom cooking up some foodto eat ♪♪

I think they enjoy bothering me.

I don't think you guysunderstand

how much you geton my last...


I just want to ring a coupleof their necks.

I'll take this over.

I felt good securingthat W today.

I'd love to get another Wagainst you, but...

Shut up.

Now you're justgetting cocky.

We don't want to rub itin people's faces

when we win, right?

(Myles)I love pushingShareef's buttons.

I love getting hima little bit angry.

You don't want to loseto me ever,

because I'll make youremember it,

especially somethingthat you take pride in.

I say...we just have a rematch.

On a real hoop?

And... on a real hoop,not an arcade.

A rematch, and you guyshave to pick teams.

Hey, I'd love to getanother W against you.

All I need is Mimi.

(Shaunie)Myles has always beenvery competitive with Shareef.

I think it'sthat big brother thing

that he just feelshe needs to challenge him.

Even though Shareefis better at basketball.

What can I doin this game?

Oh, you're gonna play.

(Shaqir)No, no, no, she cannot play.She cannot play.

She gets too mad.

I'm sorry, Mom...

Wait. Hold on.

Time out. Mimi and Me'Arah,have a seat so that we all...

Seat's taken.

(Me'Arah)What happened?What happened?

We're playinga basketball game.

Mimi and Me'Arah, Mylesversus me and Qir.

There's three of usand there's two of them.

What's our team name, bro?

The Bucket Getters.

(Myles)Our team name isJabronis for Life.

Yes. I think you shouldbe Jabronis for Life.

All I know is thatI get Buckets.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,you can't even make that.

Neither of you guys can make it.Neither of you can make it.



You're messing upmy Cuties!


No! Get up on out of here!