• Season 5, Ep 14

King To The Rescue

Tiny wants Major to get over his fear of water so he can be baptized. King steps in to help his little brother out.

08/01/2016 ยท 1:46


Come onand cheer him on, Precious.

This is to get him ready...Yeah.

Major sayshe doesn't wanna get baptized.

But I know it's becauseof his fear of water.

To help him overcome that fear,

I come up with a fun wayto get him comfortable

with the ideaof going underwater.

Is my face gonnago in the water?

No, you keep your shirt--your head up.

But then that's gonna happen!

No, you just-- it's gon'splash-- look.

See, like that.

Oh, Lord.He doing it.

Come on, Major!It's your go.

Dang it!

(laughing)(King)You leaning.

Get up on that littlebottom part, yeah.

(Precious)And then slide.

How?Jump and slide,just push off.

Ready, go!Jump!


There you go!There you go!

(Precious)Come on, try.(Tiny)Come on, bruh.


Whoa, whoa, oh!

At least I made itin the water.

Good gracious, Lord.

Well, this is a lot harder thanI thought it was gonna be.

I can't!Yes, you can!

Go ahead, Major.Go, Major.

(Precious)Yes, yes!(shrieks)

That's my boy!King to the rescue.

One more time.

(Precious)There you go, yeah!

That look like fun now,come on.

(Precious)Go, baby, go, go,there you go, go, yeah!

Yeah, Major!High five!

I did iton the ground!

You made it!You gon', you ready.

Look like this wasa success after all.

Now Major shouldn't haveproblems getting baptized.

You think you're readyto get baptized?

Excuse me?You think youcould do it?

I don't know.

Well, then we might be back tosquare one.

If you can do this,you can do it.

The baptism is on.

(Major)Maybe... maybe not.