• Season 1, Ep 9

Angel Brinks Talks About Being Called A Gold Digger

Basketball Wives LA star Angel Brinks opens up about the criticism she faced during her NBA relationship.

09/26/2016 ยท 2:19

Please welcome from"Basketball Wives LA,"

Angel Brinks.

[cheers and applause]

- Hi.

[various greetings]

Thank you.

- Hello.- Hi. Thanks for having me.

- So, Angel, you've dealtwith slut-shaming as well.

- Yes, I have.- And what was that like?

- Well, you know I havea clothing line...

- Mm-hmm.- That is known

for being very sexy.- Yeah.

- So a lot of times, I get a lotof backlash for that, you know.

And I think societytells us women

that we have to bemore covered up.

That we shouldn't be wearingtight-fitted clothing.

Otherwisewe're either labeled

or that we're askingfor the wrong type of attention.

- And I thinkthat's complete bull[bleep].

I get harassed in the clubso much,

and they're like,"You kind just ask for it.

You're Amber Rose,"but, you know,

whatever I wear,it really doesn't matter.

If it's sexy,if it's men's wear,

I mean,they kinda go underneath

and, like, grab my ass.Girls and guys.

And it's just like, you know,regardless of what we have on,

it's not a invitationto touch us,

unless we say,"Hey, come and touch me."

- I agree.- Right.

- You know what I mean?- Right.

It's becausewe want to look good

and feel good for ourselves.- Exactly.

- You know?- Yeah, it's really--

Yeah, you're right.It really is about us

and what, you know,

what makes us feel sexy.- Yeah.

- And what makes usfeel confident.

We don't always do itfor you guys out there.

- Exactly.

- I personallyget ridiculed constantly.

If I post a picturewhere I'm covered,

most of the comments are like,"Oh, my God.

She's actuallywearing clothes.

You know,"She actually has clothes on."

Like, "You should dresslike that, you're a mom,"

you know,and you're a mother, too.

- I am.- And it's just--

- Oh, it's supposed to be'cause you had a child...

- Right.- You're supposed to all of

a sudden decide to cover up.- I'm a nun, all of a sudden.

- But it's okay for your boobsto be on the cover

of every magazine,but yet, you can't breastfeed.

- Right. And, Angel, you have ababy with a basketball player.

- Yes. I fell in love with him,you know,

and all I would here is, "Oh,she's with him for his money,"

or, "She's a gold digger,"or, you know, "She's a groupie."

I'm like,"You guys don't even know me."

- Right.- Like, I can't just

love this man?Like, I didn't spend time

with himand get to know him.

It has to be about his money.