• Season 3, Ep 10

Moniece Learns About Her Sex Tape

Fizz stops by Moniece’s house to inform her that Jason Lee, Brandi, and Max have access to her sex tape and that they plan to use it against her.

10/13/2016 · 3:10

(Moniece singing)♪ I hate to haveto tell you this ♪

♪ She said, he said ♪

♪ This ain't no relationship ♪

♪ And I don't knowwhat to make of it ♪

♪ These rumors got me stressingfeeling down, and I'm ♪

♪Blue, blue, blue, blue ♪

♪Blue, blueblue, blue ♪

♪ Oh, no, nooh, no, no... ♪

(Fizz)Baby moms is sounding all right,

but you know what's making meblue right now?

The fact that I gotta keepcoming to clean up

all her (bleep)so that it doesn't affect

our son in the future.

What did I do now?

I actually hada conversation with Max.

He was really hurt that yougot up on stage or something

and mentionedsomething about...Yeah.

...his wife's court case.

And the whole thing is justchildish and very immature

between the both of you.

I came here to justask you to just stop.

Do I feel bad for exposingBrandi at my listening party?

Abso-(bleep)-lutely not.

What she did was attack me.I fired back.

I kept my handsto myself.

So, I figuredexposing her that way

was the better alternative.

Well, that brings meto another reason why I'm here.

You know, the poking,the poking, the poking.

Eventually,somebody gets poked back.

And Max was, you know,cool enough

to give me some information

that I felt I shouldbring to you.

Which is...?

Which is supposedlythere's a tape out here

floating aroundwith you in it.

A sex tape.

Jason Lee brought it to Maxand Brandi for ammo,

and Max deaded it.

(Moniece)I can't say that I'm surprised

that this little gutter ratBrandi would stoop this low.

After all, she lovesto get dirty.

But I cannot figure outwhat Jason Lee has against me.

I've never done anythingto this man.

Classic case of meminding my (bleep) business,

and then here comessome bull(bleep).

That's unfortunate thatpeople would like to play

these kinds of games,and this is exactly why

I did what I didat my listening party.

Brandi's a mom.

Now, if I foundsome (bleep) like that,

I wouldn't even tell anybody,because that's just something

that you can't ever,ever, ever, ever take back.

Once it's out, it's out.Yeah.

I never wanna be that mom,

and that's why I don'tdo (bleep) like that.

I have a healthy understanding

that there are certainboundaries

that you just don't cross.

If this tape ever got out,I can't imagine

how embarrassingand devastating it would be

for my son, and I would expect

anyone with any typeof moral fiber

to have a little respectfor at least that much.

When it comes to this,it affects Kam,

and that's whereI have to step in.

I'm gonna goholler at him.

I know you're upset,

probably blood boilingright now, but--

My worry is thatif Jason isn't lying,

I need to knowwho's taped me.

As of right now,nobody has anything

other than Jason.Jason.

So, I'm gonna goholler at him.