• Season 2, Ep 1

Ryan Questions The Loyalty Of The 9 Mag Family

Ryan and Charmaine are concerned about the crew neglecting to pay rent, and the fact that Kat is using her gallery space to tattoo high profile customers on the side. Find out if 9 Mag continues to be a family or falls apart in the Black Ink Crew Season 2 premiere Monday Oct 3 + 9/8c on VH1.

10/01/2016 · 4:13

>> Who the [bleep] supposed to

put this [bleep] up?

>> ♪

>> Oh.



>> What's up?

>> CHARMAINE: Can you help me

with this though?

>> RYAN: What are you doing?

>> I'm trying to hang it up.

Don't this look like two ass

cheeks pointing to the sky.

>> It look like exactly what you

got on.

>> [giggles].

>> She got on a club outfit like

it's 10 p.m.

You got on heels like you at

some [bleep] gala or something.

Like, boy, your ass is at work.

What you dressing for?

You dressed like you're going


>> I mean, this is how I dress,


You never know who's gonna walk

in the shop.

And I'm single and ready to

mingle, so...you never know.

I'm gonna go sit down, 'cause

you all don't pay me enough to

be hanging paintings and


>> RYAN: Goodbye.

>> CHARMAINE: [laughing]

>> What up, Lo?

>> What up, bud?

>> How're you doing, bro?

>> I'm good.

>> King Louie, he's a client and

supporter of 9Mag.

>> How're you doing?

>> RYAN: He's a well-known

rapper from Chicago.

One of the best to ever do it

from here.

Well-respected by everybody from

Drake to Kanye.

So he representing really the

newer generation of music.

How you been?

I ain't seen you, man.

You good?

>> Uh, I just got the bullet

removed out my head, so I'm


>> I got shot seven times, but

the one in my head hurt it the


>> Boy.

>> I was just glad everybody

prayed for me and the prayers

worked, man.

>> [gunshots]

>> ♪

>> [indistinct radio dispatcher]

>> MALE REPORTER: Chicago rapper

King Louie has been


>> MALE REPORTER #2: --after

being shot in the head--


who's often credited with the


>> MALE REPORTER: --Chi-rap.

>> MALE REPORTER #2: --listed in

stable condition.

>> Louie getting shot and

surviving made him realize

firsthand that gun violence here

is very real.

He made a song called "Put the

Guns Down."

>> ♪ Put the guns down

♪ Get your money up

♪1 Let the kids live

♪ Grown goofers killing babies

♪ What them kids did

>> You know, having to deal with

losing my sister from gun

violence, I truly respect Louie

for a being a rapper, you know,

using his voice to help.

>> CHARMAINE: I'm glad you're


>> Me, too.

>> CHARMAINE: She upstairs.

>> I'm fitting to go up there

then, go get a tat from her.

>> ♪

>> RYAN: Oh, she tattooing

upstairs, huh?

>> Okay.

>> This [bleep] just hit me over

the head.

I didn't know Kat was having her

own tattoo studio.

I really thought Kat was just

painting upstairs, you know?

I thought she was still

tattooing down here with us but,

I mean, it look more like she

don't give a [bleep] about this

9Mag family.

>> Well, it was love seeing you


I'm fittin' to go--I'm gonna go


>> All right.

>> Because King Louie's such a

big deal, I feel like Katrina's

trying to be more exclusive and

take her big clients upstairs.

Like, ooooh, are you trying show

off right now?

>> So, she--she working upstairs

and downstairs?

>> Apparently.

And she paying two rents?

>> ♪

>> You're the only one paying


>> Phor left--Phor.

>> Hmm-mm, Phor's not paying


Katrina's not paying rent.

>> So, hold on, wait.

So what are we doing?

>> As a manager, it's my job to

pay the rent out of the 9Mag

corporate account.

And everyone's supposed to give

me their share, plus Van's.

But since Van's been in jail,

that hasn't been happening.

I ain't trying to snitch now,

but Kat has given me no choice.

>> This whole time I tried to

put this whole family thing

together, but I gotta take the


Look at this [bleep].

Ain't nobody here.

Now I got empty booths with no

rent being paid and no artists

in here.

What kind of business is that?

>> ♪

>> Kat is working upstairs.

You know, Van gone.

Phor concentrating more on his

music, so he more in the studio.

And it's like I'm the only

artist here.

Ain't no reason should nobody be


On top of that, it really ain't

no reason why no [bleep] rent

being paid.

When I hired all the 9Mag

artists, you know what I'm

saying, I wanted it to be fully


And it kinda bit me in the ass,

because, you know, everybody

took that for granted.

You all got me [bleep] up about

what you all think 9Mag was.


>> ♪