• Season 3, Ep 11

Ahsha and Sloane Have A Heart-To-Heart Moment

While looking at wedding dresses, Sloane and Ahsha share a heartfelt mother-daughter conversation.

08/29/2016 ยท 1:51

Are you sure we couldn't havejust gone to a dress shop?

You are the futureMrs. Derek Roman.

They bring the dresses to you.

Ugh, when you walkedinto those tryouts,

who would have thunkyou'd be the one cashing in?

Maybe marriageisn't so bad.

Do you have a prenup?Nope.

Mm. I know you havemore dresses in the truck.

Let's see some hustle.Chop-chop.

I might have to tase her.

What's wrong?

These dresses.This wedding.

All of it.

You don't thinkI should marry Derek?

No, that isn't it at all.

I love Derek.

What do I know aboutpicking wedding dresses,

or any of this?

I raised you alone.

It was a struggle to get youthrough school, and now,

you're at the crossroadsof your life, and...

I worry all you gotfrom me is a bad compass.

Oh, Mom, no.

I am the woman I am today,the woman Derek loves,

because of you,not despite you.

All the choices you've made,all the sacrifices.

You made this possible.

And I couldn't bemore grateful.

This dress isn't bad.

It's perfect.

(announcer)"Hit the Floor:'Til Death Do Us Part."

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