• Season 2, Ep 10 · Interview

Hit The Floor: Off The Court With James LaRosa + Season 2, Episode 10

Series creator James LaRosa discusses Sloane's relationships with Pete and Ahsha. James explains the friendship between Derek and Terrence as well as German's newfound interest in Kendall.

07/28/2014 · 2:59

Ahsha, this may be the worsttime to tell you this...

you're hurtingover Derek.

You and Petehooked up.

We did nothook up.

We are trying again.

For real?

For real.

(James LaRosa)Just like Ahsha has matured thisseason, Sloane has as well.

I think she's seen some of thefallout that can happen

when you sort of stranglesomething a little too tight.

Sloane basically revealsthat she knows

that Derekhas been doing coke.

And the fact that shedidn't swoop in

and try and saveAhsha from what-have-you,

I think that'snew for Sloane.

She's letting Ahsha makemore mistakes,

and I think that'sallowing Ahsha to grow up,

and she's also being moreforthcoming.

I think if this was some--

if her relationshipwith Pete was something

that she was ashamed of,or if it was something

that she feltnot quite right about,

I could see her keepinga secret,

but it's a differentbook for Pete and Sloane.

It's a different page.

They've actually, uh,turned a corner.

Now it feelslike it's a new day.

And she'll,she's, she's--

I think she's gotthe right attitude about it.

I think when shetalks to Ahsha about it, uh,

she's got the rightattitude.

"We're trying,we're seeing what's up,"

whatever, whatever.

But it's a real thing.

My leg's messed up.

How bad?


I got you.

(James)Derek and Terrence,

our core relationshipon this show,

I mean, I love themtogether as characters,

I think they're greattogether as actors.

And what we're able to see isTerrence opening up a bit more

and trusting the fact that Derekdoes have his back.

Derek hasn't reallybeen given the opportunity

to really do that,

and the fact that Terrenceis kind of allowing,

like, saying, "I need,"like, "I'm needy,"

and Derekto be like, "I got you."

It's not like,a milked moment,

but it's very realand it's kind of like,

"Oh yay, Derek and Terrenceare back together."

Now they'vegot a run at glory.

There's something out there thatthey maybe can do together

and the question is,

will they be able toand what might get in their way.

Inside Sports Network wasnever gonna do a story on me.

So, this had to beabout gossip.

This was neverabout gossip.

German has notdated since Ahsha.

He broke up with Ahsha,

but that doesn't meanthat he doesn't care--

just because youbreak up with somebody,

a three and a half yearrelationship--

Ahsha has entered into anotherrelationship pretty quick--

German, not so much.

Kendall's kind ofa grown-up.

Like, she's not--

they don't have sort ofthis college relationship

that Ahsha and German knew.

She's sort ofa grown woman in the field

and he doesn't have this baggagewith her and so, uh,

the fact that she's kind ofin his face and unapologetic,

it's very appealingto him.

And she's nottough to look at.

So he gets to kind of feellike the big dog.