• Season 2, Ep 5

Cobra Criticizes Ryan's Tattoo Booth

Cobra thinks 9 Mag is unsanitary. Find out how the crew reacts to her high standards Mon 10/24 + 9/8c on VH1

10/17/2016 · 2:18

>> ♪

>> We don't need another person

just walking out and feeling

some type of way.

>> Hold on, wait, no, no, get

this right.

I had to pick up the pieces and

be in this position.

>> And that's fine.

>> Because if I didn't do it,

it'd [bleep] crumble.

Everything at 9Mag ain't, you

know, peaches and cream right


It's Cobra first day.

You know, Van storming out

because he act like he can't

handle changes.

From the outside, this ain't no

good look for us.

>> That's not even what our

conversation was about.

>> Your conversation is about I

didn't tell them before!

>> DANIELLE: It's one thing--

>> [indistinct yelling]

>> We have clients here.

I'm Charmaine.

>> How're you doing? Angel.

>> Are you here to see someone?

>> Cobra.

>> I don't understand why

everyone's freaking out over a

new artist.

This is [bleep] nuts.

Everyone's acting like children

in front my client.

Today, I'm tattooing my boy


He's a big rapper in Texas.

He's part of the Stewie Brothers

Group, and he's been a long-term

friend and client of mine.

So where am I tattooing today?

>> Today, you're gonna work in

my office.

>> ♪

>> Oh, all right, you're letting

me into your house?

You know, I show you where you


>> Awesome.

I've been tattooing for little

over six years.

And my favorite style is black

and gray realism.

Even though I'm really confident

in myself, I'm actually pretty

nervous to do my tattoo at 9Mag.

I just want everybody to know

that Ryan did a great job on

hiring me.

>> Make it happen.

Do what you gotta do.

We ain't even been here an hour,

and you already get it.

>> I'm just gonna clean up a

little bit, make sure my whole

area is totally sanitized.

>> Cobra, you acting like this

some type of dump or something.

I'll let that [bleep] slide.

But like just watch yourself.

Please don't.

All right, [unintelligible].

>> Okay, I'm gonna spray


I'm just gonna have you come

around me and start wiping,


>> Is she really telling her

client to help her clean?

The [bleep]?

>> If I don't do this, I'm gonna

think about it the whole time.

>> I got you. Good, good.

>> When it comes to tattooing,

I'm super insanely OCD down to

every single last detail.

I mean, like really [bleep] get


My tattoo station is my shrine.

And I really need it to be super


Oh, [bleep], hold on, that's

[bleep] gross.

>> DANIELLE: I can't believe

that Cobra just started, and

she's already complaining about

the place.

>> Like scrub the evil out of