• Season 4, Ep 10

Can Renee and Natalie Be Friends?

Natalie and Renee meet to clear the air once and for all but when Natalie questions Renee's trust and loyalty, Renee walks out.

02/06/2014 ยท 4:08

>> I didn't feel like the

apology on your behalf nor my

behalf was 100% sincere.

>> I was sincere.

>> You think so?

When someone is sincerely

sorry for something, they don't

keep bringing up the issue,

throwing digs, so if Natalie is

sincere, I'm the Blessed Mother.

In reference to the Halloween


>> Yeah.

>> The bottom line was I didn't

feel comfortable, I didn't feel


>> I'm not gonna twist your arm.

>> Okay.

>> I extended the invite to you,

and you said no.

>> Then I sent you a text.

>> Yeah, explain that to me,

because it says in there you

didn't want to come to the party

'cause you feel like you were

being set up.

>> I said I was uncomfortable...

>> Like how you were in...

>> (both) Vegas.

>> And if I feel a certain way,

I'm gonna protect myself.

I'm not walking into the lion's


>> It's a party.

A lion's den?

It's a (...) Halloween party.

What are you talking about?

>> I like to know what I'm

walking into.

I'm not being blindsided by

nothing and nobody anymore.

>> It was not you walking into a

lion's den.

Listen, I'm not a vicious


Am I hurt?


I'm hurt from you.

I felt lied to and betrayed,

big time.

Okay, 'cause I trusted you.

And the (...) that even

transpired up until Vegas, and

then after Vegas...

it's ludicrous to me.

I never backstabbed you, I never

talked (bleep) about you, I

never did anything wrong for you

to treat me the way that you


>> Okay, I think I owed you more

of an explanation and an


>> Okay.

>> If I offended you, I'm sorry.

Today, I'm saying to you this.

I would like if you and I can

try to be friends.

>> I'm so hurt, like, I can't

believe I trusted you--

>> Okay, so what is it that I

can do to make you feel better,

or is it something that will

heal with time, or is it

something that won't heal at


>> Whatever is gonna heal with

time has to come from you being

somebody I can trust again.

And being loyal.

>> Okay...

>> I'm huge, huge, huge, huge,

huge, huge with loyalty.

>> Okay.

>> That's me.

>> Natalie really doesn't even

understand what the word

"loyalty" is because, if she

did, she wouldn't be sitting

there with my friends, trying to

make my friends talk bad about


You think I'm being disloyal,

then you're already not giving

me a chance to try to have a

friendship with you.

>> After all I've done for you,

being there for you, being

friends with you, not doing

nothing to you, why would you do

that to me?

>> You know what, Natalie,

either you forgive me for it, or

you don't.

That's it.

I wasn't disloyal to you.

I acted on the way that I (...)

felt, period.

You know who I owe my loyalty


To the people that I want to be

loyal to.

>> Okay.

>> That's it.

>> All right, so let me just

clarify something, because...

that day you went to go talk to


Basically, she told me exactly

what was on the documentation...

>> Natalie...

>> ... with the wiretaps,


>> Listen to me, Natalie, that

is a place you don't wanna go

with me.

Do not take that up with me.

>> You were disloyal to me.

And from what she's telling me,

you were disloyal to her.

I'm just saying.

>> Okay, look, I came here to be

nice and to try to make amends

with you.

>> Not trying to argue.

>> If we can, we can.

If you're gonna sit here and

bring up things that you do not

have full knowledge of, then,

you know what?

Me and you cannot be friends.

>> Okay.

>> I am done.

I am done.

I didn't come here to have that

argument with you.

I refuse to talk about it


>> Is this what a guilty person


I think so-- they just get the

(bleep) up.

They wanna get out of the

situation and run home.

>> Does this mean no dinner?

>> I have tried very hard with

Natalie to end this whole

situation, but when she starts

bringing up stuff that she has

no idea what she's talking

about and has no right being in

this business, she kicked the

door wide open, and I've decided

to walk out.

>> That's interesting.

>> I'm done with this (bleep).

What waste of (bleep) time.

>> Eddie he ended up getting