• Season 1, Ep 244

Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert Find Love

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry retell the story of their romantic relationship, Linda's proposal, and their wedding.

07/16/2014 · 3:19

short-lived relationships, earning a reputation as a player

in L.A.'s power lesbian scene.

Linda has no shortage ofgroupies and a lot of them

would be like, total gorgeousstripper lipstick girls.

She nailed everysupermodel possible.

[rock music]

♪ She's got a bad reputation.

♪ I don't care'cause I'm in love ♪

♪ Won't you be my girl

Every movie star that you couldthink of who was bi-curious?

She's tapped that.

She's a bad girl.

She's naughty.

I think she likedthe pretty girls.

And there was manyof them at the studio,

but they would never last.

I love the sexy, playful,mysterious, heat --

that whole thing.

And when that's gone,now you have to open up

your real emotions.

It becomes labored.

It feels like a chore -- I'mnot going to invest in this.


[piano music]

But for Linda,everything changed.

When a mutual friend introducedLinda to actress and talk show

host Sara Gilbert.

It was like, theuniverse gave me Sara.

It was like, ok, we'regoing to cut you a break now.

You deserve this.

It's like a lightning bolthits or something.

I just felt there was thisreally deep soul connection.


Linda and Sara jumped intoa meaningful relationship.

And after a two-year courtship,Linda planned a special picnic

in the fall of 2013.

As we're sitting there eating,there was this kind of street

musician just like with ablanket, and he starts playing

The Cure "Love Song".

[rock music]

These guys get up and they haveviolins, and they're playing

"Love Song" and I put on a shirtthat says "Will' you know,

"you", "marry", "me"


♪ Whenever I'm alone with you

And the last t shirtis a question mark.


♪ You make me feellike I am home again. ♪

She gets on one knee, I think, Iwas like so, in another world.

And gives me the ring.

And I say yes, lucky for her.

It was just like, the mostmagical beautiful way

anyone could propose.


♪ I will always love you.

[acoustic guitar]

In the spring of 2014, the happy couple married

in a private ceremony in L.A.

For Linda, the demons of her tumultuous past

were finally set free.

And for the first time in her life, she truly felt complete.

Love is far more importantthan money or success or fame

or any of that stuff.

And when I'm around thetwo of them, you can feel it.

It radiates from them.

I love being around Linda, she'struly genuine when it comes

to relationships, love.

It's what I love about her.

I just feel grateful that Imust be on the right path.

Sara is the one.

I love her, I can'timagine my life without her.

Things just gobetter when she's around.