• Season 5, Ep 14 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 5 Episode 14: Dirty Mouths

Yung Joc gives the play-by-play of Amber and Tiarra's fight while Karlie Redd, Tiarra, and Jessica Dime recap all the drama that went down at Stevie J's pool party.

07/11/2016 · 5:31


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The next sceneyou're about to see

is how dirty women's mouthscan get.

I like this lip gloss,it's my favorite.

You gonna put it on?

Come on, man.

Hold up.

J clean, God damn.

Tiarra looking like--God damn, hell yeah.

What the (bleep)?Oh.

What's up?

Why you bring this bitchto my event?

I came to show love.You came to show love?

So why you didn't comeby yourself?

Bro told me that y'all havesomething going on,

y'all smashed or whatever,

so I didn't feel likeit was a big deal.

You were on the low, right?I feel like it's an eye for eye.

Where your pole, ho?

Pole?Betty White, Betty White.

At the clubyou work at, bitch.

Look how your (bleep) with.

We grown, we adults.

We're the event, we don't gottado this (bleep) like that.

Look-- (bleep).

I knew it, I knew it.

I knew it wasn't gonna be long

before somebodystart with this (bleep).

(overlapping shouting)

Bitch, I'll beat your ass.

The last time I got intoa pillow fight with Amber,

she was hitting me in the facewith them pillows.

Pop, pop, pop, pop.

But you still a (bleep) ho!

You owe me, bitch!

Chill out withyour mouthpiece, girl.

Ladies, I have a questionspecifically for you.

Are you tired of waking upfrom one-night stands

and your makeup is ruined?

Well, here's the makeup linefor you.

Pretty Cosmetics is the world'sfirst cosmetic line

that stays on while eating booty

and everything elsethat you could possibly do

behind closed doors.

Hi, I'm yours truly, Yung Joc,

and I'm an advocatefor Pretty Cosmetics.

The scene you're about to see

is all types of shenanigansgoing down at the pool party.


See, the turn-up queenhas arrived.

Yes, honey, I'm here.

Turn-up queenhas arrived, honey.

I gotta tell you something.

You know that (bleep)you told me about Lyfe?

It's not true.

Do you know for a facthe's not married?

Is this somethinghe just told you?

Okay, men lie.

But what he did do is,

he bust me outwith a ring, honey.


I think Karlie probably(bleep) good (bleep).

That's why Lyfe's lied about itand just gave her that fake ring

because who would not want tokeep getting brain

from a woman with dentures.

He said it wasa promise ring.

What's the promise?Girl, the promise.

Karlie, you are too oldto be receiving promise rings

and happy about it.

So after he gave me the ring,

he left and we are nottogether right now.

Y'all broke up?We broke up.

And he let you keep the ring?

He let me keep the ring!

But I don't think Mr. LyfeJennings got no money like that

to be giving expensive breakuprings and leaving a bitch alone.

If a (bleep) like thatgive you a ring,

you stuck with his ass for life.

I don't thinkthis ring is real.

We gonna talkabout that later.

I have something to tell you.


I told Lyfe,the person I was, like,

talking to or whatever,was Scrapp.

I'm thinking in my head rightnow, I said,

"Oh, her and Bambi,they finna go at it."

Who? Lil Scrappy?

Your baby daddy.

Your baby daddy.

That's right,'cause that's all he was,

was your baby daddy, hmm?

You knew about this, Dime?

You had sent methis text, right?

The nerve of Karlieto keep that text.

See, the bitch was texting me,the bitch was calling me,

the bitch was hitting me up,

wishing me merry Christmasand happy New Year'sand everything.

And you was keeping texts justto scheme on the ding-a-ling.

Before he went to jail--

Karlie, you're like 50.

Let me tell you something.He's, like, your daughter's age.

You're one step from dentures.

I'm an entrepreneur.

You're still workingat a 9:00 to 5:00.

You're not an entrepreneur,

you're an entrepre-whore,Karlie.

Come on, we know you.

You a (bleep) suckerfor sport.

Girl, please.You nasty.

It don't matter.Bitch!

Grab it, bitch!

Oh, my God!

She threw all her (bleep)in the pool!

Come on, get it!

K.K. gonna whipyour mother (bleep) ass!

Old (bleep) sucking bitch.

Let me tell you something.

I'd rather look like thisand you think I'm old

than look youngand washed up like you.

Well, after all of thatcommotion and everything,

I'm ready to goand find Stevie.

What's up, Hernandez?

What's up?Shenellica.

You happy to be aroundmy husband?

You not married, though.

I'm not married?

It's so funny how she's like,we're not married?

And look, you gotthe help with you.

Oh, I'm the help?

You the same bitch that told methey weren't married, though.

Shut the (bleep) up.No, you shut the (bleep) up.

You're a fraud,you been to jail.

Look at you.

I'm mad at the whole existence

of both of theseugly trash-ass bitches.

And they hair,I'm mad at their hair.

Get her out of the pool.

What the bitch wanna do?

I swear to God,I'mma beat both of you hoes.

It's like I would havetook both of them bitches

and bopped they head together.

You wanna see me?!

(man)Stop, stop, calm down!

Let me go!

I look I'm finna--

Might score a touchdownon them bitches.

Let me go, man!

Fake-ass bitches, I'm a realbitch at the end of the day.

I wanted them so (bleep) bad,I wanted to...

Bitch, you better get inthe pool, bitch, you better.