• Season 1, Ep 2

Word Vomit

Once the drinks start pouring the true feelings come out. Ashley bares her real thoughts about her date with Steven.

07/24/2014 · 1:06

(Ashley)Yes, girl, yes!

Yolo, "yolo".

Clearly, Taryn and Darhit it off.

Good on them,that's fine.

I think I have a deeperconnection to Ashley than Taryn.

(Ashley)Who's giving us drinks?

Steven--grab one cup.

Like,look behind you.


You're notlistening to me.

Call it out.

Put a couple of drinks in her,and Ashley became very bossy.

(Taryn)What was your first impressionof Steven?

Hell (bleep)!(laughing)

(others laughing)

Were you nervous, like Stevenmight like somebody else

more than you?

(Ashley)I don't give a (bleep),to be quite honest.

Like, I am one hundred--we will never (bleep).

This isn't my ideaof a fun night anymore.

I have a date tomorrow.

I'm gonna goget my beauty sleep.

You guys have fun.

Have fun.

I've had two unsuccessful datesso far.

I'm really hoping that tomorrowturns out to be a brighter day.

(Ashley)Bye, love.