• Season 3, Ep 4

Can Masika and Fetty Wap Co-Parent Together?

Masika meets with Fetty Wap to discuss their unborn child and how they plan to co-parent their daughter.

09/01/2016 ยท 3:03

(Masika)Fetty has a couple days offfrom his tour,

so he's flying into town

so we can sit down and meetface-to-face.

Part of me is anxious.Part of me is ambivalent.

Part of me wants to give hima big hug.

Part of me wants to punch himin the face.

And I cannot decidewhich of the four

is the strongest emotion.

How you doing?Hi.

How you doing?Good. How are you?

I'm keeping it tight.

It's long overdue for usto sit down and talk in person

about this life-changing event

that is about to happento both of us.

Glad that we're ableto sit and talk now.

When you first called,I was a little skeptical.

I wasn't really surewhat to think.


We here now.How long yougonna be here?

Think I leave tomorrowor the day after tomorrow,

go to Texas.

So, you're gonna be backbefore the baby's born, then.

Yeah, of course.

That's, like, one ofthe main reasons

why I wantedto talk to you.

That's somethingI want to do.

Like, I want to beher father.

I want to be the one,when she gets older,

"That's my daddy.""Yes, hi."

Well, yeah,I appreciate that,

but I do want to know,like, what changed?

Like, what made you...

It was just, like,I just had to man up.

That's basicallywhat it is.

Either you was gonnaaccept it or you wasn't.

Like, I tell you,like, just--

I mean, thank youfor accepting it.

After all of the hurtand embarrassment

that Willie has put methrough,

I really haven't been quickto admit to myself

that I'm gonna bedealing with this man

for the restof my natural life.

I don't think that he canever fully understand

how stressfulhe's made the situation

and how dark it's gottenfor me,

but the fact that he'seven acknowledging it

is very helpful,so we'll see.

I didn't think we wouldget to this point,

to be honest with you.

I just think weshould have just

at least just talkedor something.

But how? Like, wecouldn't even have

a conversation withouta hundred curse words.

It was very--It was very difficult.

I definitelywant you to know

that I'm gonnawork with you

to make sure,like, you know,

you can see heras much as you can,

and I'm not gonnamake it difficult for you

even though you made itdifficult for me.


I just appreciatethe place that we--

where we areright now,

and I just wantto grow from there

and build from there

and be, like, the coolestfreakin' parents, like, ever.

Well, thank youfor letting me show you

that I really wantto be her dad.

This is the guy that I knewand was dating,

and it's perfect,

but why couldn't hehave acted like this

for those 1,738 monthsI've been pregnant?

You let me go 70% of the wayby myself,

and now you're jumping in?

It's, like, refreshing,but I don't know, bro.

You're changingthe poop diapers.

First three months,I do believe

I'm gonna stillbe on tour.Oh, wow.

But what you can dois you can

Snapchat methose diapers.

I can Snapchat youthe diapers.(laughing)

Oh, okay.