• Season 5, Ep 13 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 5 Episode 13: Slice and Dice

Momma Dee and Yung Joc discuss their music meeting while Karlie Redd, Tiarra, and Jessica Dime recap what went down at the Def Comedy Jam.

07/04/2016 · 4:57


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The scene that you're aboutto see is me and my cousin Joc

having a little bit conversationabout the music

that I want him to do for me,

getting on my soncalled "Cinema."

So cuz, I done seen youGod damn hop-scotching

this mother on crutches.

I know, I got crutchesand (bleep).

I got this sciatic nerveand it's so (bleep) bad.

So it's in your back.Do, re, me, so, fa, la, di.

They got you onthe meds, good.

Yes. So you know,I done took my meds,

my pain meds, and they was aboutready to kick in, honey.

The stars in the skydid kinda line up, you know.

I've been asking youfor almost a year and a half,

cousin, to help me on my EP.

Man, 'cause she brought methis song and it's so slow,

and she was--she was singing on it.

And the song don't sound bad,

it just don't sound likesomething I'm supposed to be on.

I want peopleto take you serious,

and I want peopleto take me serious.

Right, exactly.

I'm gonna tell youwhat I think.

You need a 2016"Electric Slide."

For real?The Momma Dee Shuffle.

I understandwhat my cousin saying.

See, it's not aboutall so much of this,

it's how I get on that stageand work my magic.

Girl, you don't sit your ass...(laughing)

What is this?

I have real tittiesand real ass.

It might not be that big,

but for my age,I know how to work it.

You gotta kind ofgive the people

something to do with you,a call and response.


So you gonna come upwith such a song?

Look at my face.I look like I'm like...

What the hellI done signed up for?

Cuz, and I'll tell you,that mother (bleep) Ernie,

he keeps sneaking around, going,catching the (bleep) bus,

don't know where the (bleep)he be going, but guess what?

I just put a mother (bleep)tracking device

on his God damn phone.

I'm just trippinghow Momma Dee's talking about

she suspecting Ernestof creeping.

The man getting on the bus,God damn, he is creeping,

'cause it take hima long-ass time

to get to whereverhe going if he on the bus.

See this?

This what I'm gonna doto his balls.

I'm gonna cut 'em.


Yes, God, yes, God.

Lorena Bobbit's in the house!

The black Lorena Bobbitis in the house.

Yes, I know how to sliceand dice, baby, slice and dice.

The next sceneyou're about to see

is how real friends look outfor their friends.

We are at Def Comedy Jam,Russell Simmons invited us.

Oh, my goodness, so I'm happyto be amongst great people.

Everybody was trying to hollerat the kids today.

Had so much fun.

Karlie Reddcoming in the building.

Hi, bro.How are you?

Looks good.

People don't know, like,that we really know each other.

Like, we go way--me and Karlie go way back.

I been knowing Tony when I useto live back in the day in L.A.

and you know, um, we both--we both used to audition

for movies and commercialsand television.

And we've actually done a fewtelevision shows together.

But nobody compare to Mimi.

Mimi my boo.What you working on?

How the shower rods going?They selling?


4:00 in the morning,you turn to that QVC.

You turn to QVC, you see Mimi,

like, "Are you bitchesfreaks like me?"

I-- I'm not making fun of her.

I really want a shower rod.

Mimi, where'd you getthat shower rod?

I really want to know.

I'm not making fun of my friend,she's past that, I love Mimi.

Tony got a point there.

Why won't you start your own,like, home improvement line?

Shower rods, toilets.

(bleep) you can (bleep)on the toilet.

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

(cheers and applause)

Here comes trouble.

I am out tonight atthe Def Comedy Jam with Stevie.

You here with Stevie?

Of course.


She in the studio with you,Stevie?

Yeah, absolutely.

I heard Joselinewas out in L.A. with Stevie.

I was looking under the chairs,behind the curtains.

I just thought Joseline'scrazy ass was gonna pop up.


(Stevie)So what's up?

I'm out here for Grammy week.

What y'all doing out here?

Same thing.

So are you guysworking together?

I mean, we-- you know,I'm gonna do a song for her.

I put her in the studiowith Sas and we...

Mimi, it's like,calm the entire (bleep) down

'cause don't nobody wantyour baby daddy, girl, bye.

Do you know aboutLyfe being married?

Jessica cameand dropped the bomb.

What do you meanLyfe being married?

Apparently...Oh, my God.

He's married.

Karlie, please.

You want to mess with mewhile we're here together?

Karlie, you need to getto the bottom of that.

Soon as I get backto the hotel, honey...

I got something for your assthat'll (bleep) you up.

It's cool.

I am so pissed, 'cause, like,that's not a real man.

I'm sorry.

That's some bitch ass shit.

You a bitch-ass man.