• Season 4, Ep 6

Alicia's Son Wonders About His Mom's Sentencing

While packing for college, Alicia's son asks Alicia what is going to happen to their family if she goes away to jail.

01/09/2014 ยท 3:24

>> I'm home now, Vegas seems

like it was a lifetime ago.

Eddie's sentencing is coming up

in a few days so I really need

to prepare myself.

I don't know what the future


>> What?

>> Let's start packing.

>> Where's the kids?

>> Probably hovering in your


My son Anthony is home so he can

pack up more of his stuff to

take it back to college.

He's always been my rock and

with Eddie getting sentenced

soon, I'm glad that he's gonna

be right by my side.

>> I don't know where to start.

>> I'm gonna help you.

Start with the basics.

>> You need a get a bag or

something, though.

>> Let's make piles and then you

can get a bag.

I've been through so much with

Eddie, learning about his lies,

his betrayal.

And now with him getting

sentenced, it's just like one

bomb after another, I can't

catch a break.

>> Here, bring this.

>> You should bring that letter

that Eddie gave you.

Have you read this lately?

This is from Eddie, March 26th,


"Hey Tweener,

Just wanted you to know how much

I love you.

I always want the best for you.

I wish you didn't have to help

as much as you do now.

I want you to have the best

teenage years you can.

I'm mad that I'm giving

you a job that is mine.

I want you to know you have

always been my son and I love

you all the same.

Anthony is my son from my first

marriage, but Eddie always said

that Anthony was his son.

He's an amazing man, a wonderful

father and that's why

I'm sticking by his side.

That feel like a lifetime ago?

>> Mm-hmm.

How much time is he--

Like, when he gets sentenced,

how much time do you think

they're gonna give him?

>> I don't know.

Eddie's case is a high-profile

case and he could go away for a

very long time, possibly up to

15 years.

And my boys really just want

their father home, so for me to

have to tell them that he might

be gone longer than we've

anticipated really breaks my

heart and it's not something

I'm prepared to do.

>> But what happens--

What happens with you?

It's like, mostly been, like,

what about Eddie, what about


And we really, like, haven't

even, like, talked about if you

go to jail.

Like, what happens?

>> Focusing on Eddie's

sentencing is a lot easier to

deal with than thinking about

how long I'll have to go away


I have to wait.

>> Well, what do you think's

gonna happen?

>> I'm trying not to think.

>> Where--

What happens with the kids?

Where do they go?

>> Um...

I can't help but think about if

my kids are gonna be parentless.

Will I be behind bars for

Christmas, birthdays?

Who's gonna pack their lunch and

who's gonna be there for them?

I can't wrap my head around all

these things all the time.

It's actually destroying me.

I don't want you to, you know,

worry about this.

I'm not even allowing my mind to

go there.

That's why I don't talk abou


>> All right.

>> I'm scared as hell right now.

All I'm trying to do is keep it

together for my boys.

Anything else?

>> You good?

>> I'll be fine.