• Season 3, Ep 11

David and Natalie Reunite With Their Former Keepers

When David and Sarah meet again, David seems overwhelmed by Sarah's return while Natalie is extremely excited to see Zakk again.

08/31/2016 · 1:53

>> ♪

>> I know you.

>> How are you?

>> I'm great. Surprised.

How are you?

>> I'm great.

>> It's good to see you.

>> Good to see you too.

>> Oh man.


>> We meet again.

>> I cannot believe this is


What the f...sorry, I'm

just--I had to have--

I got to process it all.

>> It's okay. Process.

>> DAVID: Just for a minute.

>> Process away.

>> I was ready for a lot.

I wasn't ready for Sarah.

This is a different dynamic.

It is.

>> You need something new to

challenge you a little bit.

>> Spoken like Sarah.

There you go.

>> Right.

>> DAVID: Now I'm ready.

>> You like it.

Yes, he probably has other

relationships he's found in the


But ours is different.

I did come all the way out here.

So I mean, he's gotta prove some

things to me too.

The redhead is back, and if he's

smart, he'll leave with me at

the end.

>> What is going on?

>> I don't know. You tell me.

You've been here.

You've gotta, kind of, show me

what's up.

>> Okay.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Come on, Sarah.

Let's go on a date.

>> ♪

>> It's nice to meet you too.

>> [laughing]

>> I was prepared for just

another naked man who I was

going to get to know, and then

Zakk comes walking in my life.

Like pffff!

Are you nervous?

>> I am.

>> It's like our first date all

over again.

>> Hey, I'm Natalie--

I mean Zakk.

I'm just kidding.

>> I'm so excited.

>> I know. Me too.

Seeing her reaction to me after

all the time...still.

My nerves and my heart and

everything else just hit the


>> It's been crazy without you.

>> I'm telling you, like, a day

didn't go by when I didn't think

about you.

And I mean that.

>> I believe it.

I thought about you a lot.

I had a lot of regrets sending

Zakk home.

He was my strongest connection

here, and now he's back.

And I can't be any more elated.

Let's go hang out.