• Season 5, Ep 18

Tommie and Tiarra Revist Their Love Triangle

Tommie, KK, Tiarra, Karlie Redd, Jessica Dime, Kirk, Scrappy, and Yung Joc share their thoughts on Scrapp DeLeon's love triangle with Tommie and Tiarra.

08/08/2016 ยท 4:00

Another cast memberwho is always full of surprises

is Tommie.

Always unpredictable.


She can go from a fit of rage...

You think you gon' bringsome mother(bleep) flowers

and everything gon' beall mother(bleep) okay?

I didn't come to fight.

Then let me walkyou out because...

(Nina)...to tears in a matterof seconds.

And that range of emotionmade her the talk of the town.

She, um, would definitely wouldgo from zero to 100 and back

on any given moment.

This is crazy, bruh, like,what would I have on me?

Out of line, bruh, all this(bleep) invasion (bleep).

She look a little dangerous.

Like, boy, you mightwake up and she might

be standing overyour ass with a knife.

It's sexy sometimes,though.

Yeah, it is.(Nina)Okay.

That littlesense of edge,

walking the edge,the little danger zone?

(Nina)With Tommie's mood swings

already driving everyone nuts,

it didn't help that she wascrazy in love

with Scrapp DeLeon, who muchlike his uncle, Stevie J,

was caught in his ownlove triangle.

I just got reason to believethat Scrapp

is doing more thanco-parenting with Tiarra.

Get to the bottom of it.

I know where she work

Well, then go there.

You told Tommieabout Tiarra.

I already know the situationwith Tiarra was no good.


And I wanted Tommieto put a stop to it.

If it was another woman,would you have wondered?

Or was it specificallybecause it was Tiarra?

It was specificallybecause it was Tiarra.


KK will put anybody with Scrappjust so he won't talk to me.

KK is KK.

I don't trust her no furtherthan I can throw her,

and she weighs more than me,so I don't trust her much.

It's time for this chickto face some truth.

I know your baby daddy'cause I sit on his (bleep)

like almost every other night.

I'm that bitch.

No, I know my babydaddy and he--

You sound crazy, bitch.

Let me tell you somethingabout Tommie.

What? What about Tommie?

Let me tell yousomething about Tommie.

Let me tell you something--Bitch.

(overlapping shouting)

You was together with mewhen the bitch was messy,first of all.

She should have at leastwore some panties.

Why did it end up being physicaland not just a verbal argument?

She started talkingreally crazy.

And then lot of thingsy'all didn't show.

Um, she said some thingsabout some STD,

and I sent Scrappto the clinic,

and, like, thatnever happened.

So I stood upand said, like,

"Let me tell you about me

'cause now youpissing me off ."

I wanna get in your face.

I wanna look youin your mother(bleep) face

when I tell you this, bitch.

But I didn't touch her.


But when she threwthe drink, it's on.

That's when it--That's it.

Do you regretthat it got physical?

Um... no.

With her, like,I think that any time,

like, you just gottabe ready to get physical

because I think she's justone of them ignorant bitches.

We noticed that,during the fighting,

Tommie had gonecompletely commando.

How taken abackwere you by that?

When peopleget drunk, they...

You never knowwhat's gonna happen.

I mean, where did this bitchcome from, the gutter?

She was, like,a streetwalking prostitute.

It was wretchednessat its finest.

(Nina)With things now in the open,both Tommie and Tiarra

gave Scrapp an ultimatum.

But when he broughtthe girls face-to-face,

his decisionwas a little undecided.

(Scrapp)Thank y'all bothfor coming here.

I may be going away soon,a couple months.

I don't wanna bein a position to where

I gotta pick and gotta choose.

Listen, listen.Where I'm going, I need support.

You're not finna get a packof ramen noodles from me.

You said you gonna stop(bleep) with this bitch, right?

What did you tell her?

You were supposed to cut me off,you were supposed let me go?

Listen, listen,listen, listen, listen...

You was there,you was stalking, though.

Sit your punk-ass down.

Move, bitch!

I'm 'bout it!I'm 'bout it!

Be about it, bitch!

Did you feel, like,disrespected by Scrapp?

I wish I could havehandled it better.

Like, maybe walked outbecause to put me,

like, up againstthat type of woman,

it just really showed, like,how much he cared about me.

How did you feel thathe handled that situation?

I definitely couldrelate to him.

It's, like, you love herfor her qualities

and her ass-ets.

(Nina)Okay.And you love this one

for her qualitiesand her assets.

A little bit of haveyour cake and eat it too?

And then it can go--it can go real left.

Yeah, it can,and it normally does.