• Season 4, Ep 11

Is Renee Guilty By Association?

With Drita as the mediator, Alicia and Renee are able to hash out their issues.

02/13/2014 · 4:03

>> So what's going on, girls?


The dinner table is (bleep)


Nobody's talking, everyone's

staring at each other.

Like we're all on a first date

and don't wanna be there.

>> Crab cakes are so good,


>> Oh, thank you.

I can't believe I even have

the time to do all this

'cause I'm do busy now.

I have the store.

I'm trying to get this new

location up and running by

this week, so it's crazy.

Busy, busy, busy.

>> I'm highly impressed.

This is awesome.

>> Alicia, you've hardly

touched anything.

>> I'm eating.

>> She's stressed out

so she's really not eating.

>> Before I came here tonight,

I found out that my sentencing

was scheduled for next week

so I'm very stressed.

I just wanna hash this (bleep)

out with the girls because right

now, I've got far more important

things in my life to focus on.

Renee, I just wanna

explain a couple things.

I think that we need to resolve

our issues and move forward.

I feel like this is really

catty, unnecessary bull--.

We're all here and we should

handle this without fighting.

I'm sure that Natalie feels

the same way.

>> You understand, this is my

best friend...

and I'm defending her.

>> Tell me what--

>> Here's what I wanna

say to you.

You spreading rumors is

jeopardizing my case.

But it's gonna stop here.

>> What you think I'm doing,

I'm not doing, Alicia.

I would never put anybody's

business in the (bleep)


I'm guilty of gossiping

100%, but I would never

in a million years do that to

anybody, trust me, it's not me.

Do you know how I felt when you

turned around and said that

there's someone at this table

leaking (bleep)?

You started screaming at me

in your house.

>> Renee...

>> And you explained what you

meant by leak afterwards,

but, okay...

>> And I get it, and I'm sorry

that you felt that I meant

that you were a rat to

the newspapers, that's not

what I was referring to.

But you have to understand,

this is what I'm dealing with.

I'm getting sentenced.

My husband's away.

I am in a gigantic legal issue.

So my defense mechanism came up

because I don't want anybody

talking about my transcripts.

All I'm saying is, this was

a miscommunication that could've

been resolved

because I believe you.

>> Do you know who

that person is?

>> What, that's put--

Absolutely not.


>> I realize now that I will

never know for sure who the leak

is, but I no longer believe

it's someone at this table.

And at any rate, the damage is

already done and I just have to

deal with what's in front of me.

>> I don't think you have

the issue with me,

this whole entire thing.

It started over Carla.

I've never done anything to

Alicia and I'm truly convinced

that she attacks me just

because she hates my friend

Carla so much.

>> I told you from day one,

I didn't have a problem

with you or Carla.

>> I am not hearing that there

is no problem,

I'm hearing other (bleep).

>> I don't really give a --

what anybody's saying.

>> That's fine, but when she's

telling me one thing, you're

telling me another and I'm in

between the two of you,

it becomes my problem.

>> What's your problem with it?

>> I'm in the (bleep) middle of

two women that I'm supposed to

be friends with and it does

affect me, Alicia.

I'm in a -- triangle.

>> Hold on.

I know why you're getting

riled up, I get it.

I'm getting riled up, it ain't

even my (bleep) problem.

And I'm -- bent.

Alicia, you have

to remember something.

Carla is Renee's friend forever,

so that's it,

loyalty lies there.

On the flip side, Renee's friend

forever is your husband,

not you, your husband.

As soon as Renee smelled

a -- issue, her loyalties went

with her friend, which all

of us would do.

>> That's right.

I agree with Drita.

There's a lot of loyalty here

and a lot of history,

and it all runs really deep.

>> You bumped heads,

it's a (bleep) big problem.

Because, Alicia, when it comes

to Carla, no way she could like

Carla, I will say that the rest

of my (bleep) life.

>> You're right, you're right.

>> Finally, Alicia's admitting

that her feelings for Carla

is what came between her and I.

In her eyes, I was guilty by

association, which started this

whole thing and that sucks.