• Season 3, Ep 11

Jelena Confronts Her Shooter

Jelena discovers Sloane is the one who shot her. Sloane confesses to the whole thing.

09/05/2016 ยท 1:56

Glad you came.

Not that youhad a choice.

You've been a bad girl.

I have never been more sorryfor anything in my life.

You have to believe that.

You're in no position totell me what to believe.

Jelena, you were ona tear that night.

Even for you.

You came at me,you came at my daughter?!

You said there wasn't anythingI could do about it.

So it's my fault?

How hard do you thinkyou can push people

beforesomeone pushes back?

Jelena you made a mission

out of makingAhsha life hell!

You made my life hell withmy investigations--Ahsha's not the naive littlewaif you think she is.

Here we go, Sloane andher investigations--And you showeda picture of me

at a party nakedwith a needle in my arm!

You threatened to take

Ahsha from methat night.

Change her.

I was angry, I--I was scared, I panicked.

But I got an ambulance,

I got youto the hospital.

Oh, you're a saint.

I'm human.

I did somethingunspeakable.

And I'm sorry.


there are consequences,

and I'm preparedto face them.

But if you have anyhumanity in you at all...

... you'll wait untilafter the wedding.