• Season 3, Ep 6 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 6: Naked Bloopers

From Magic J's wild ways and impromptu dance parties, check out some hilarious unseen moments from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 6!

08/03/2016 · 3:10

>> ♪

♪ When I met you

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> Why didn't you laugh

at his shit workout, though?

>> Uh, I think there were just

a few fundamental issues, um,

between us that, uh, that, uh...

They weren't...they weren't

on point.

>> Hello, I'm Natalie.

>> Natalie.

>> Un placer, Natalie.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> [laughs]

I look like your sister?

>> So awkward.

I really don't...

I don't know what's going

through my mind right now.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> I'm sick of this.

>> Yes, it's my butt, you can

grab it, it's okay.

>> [drumming back of chair]

>> Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

>> [drumming continues]

>> NATALIE: [laughing]

>> To the best co-ed dance party

I've ever seen in my life.

>> Cheers!

>> Cheers!

>> [glasses clinking]

>> Salud! Salud!

>> Oh! [bleep]

>> NATALIE: [laughing]

>> Mosca, salte del medio que no

te están entrevistando a ti,


No, I'm talking to the fly.

>> Be my guest.

>> Oh!

>> You've gotta drink it.

>> Unh-unh. Unh-unh. Unh-unh.

>> You're a pro at this.

>> [laughing]

I was gonna say that.

I was like...

>> Atta girl.

>> You know about me more

about myself, do you know that?

>> [laughing]

>> NATALIE: Pffft!


Well, I've always wanted to know

what it feels like having wood

and now I guess I do.

Wanna know something funny?


>> [water splats]

>> Yeah, that's funny.

>> NATALIE: Padding...

at its finest.

>> ♪ I wish I was a boy

♪ I wish I was a da da da da


Don't try to understand a woman,

just love them.

Womans are complicated.

It's more bigger than the Bible.

>> NATALIE: [laughing]

>> [blows raspberry]

>> NATALIE: [laughing]

>> [screaming laughter]

>> Whoa! [laughs]

>> How you doin'?

>> Oh, I'm done.

I'm turning in.

I can feel you. I...well...

>> [laughing]

>> But she's not...

>> Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

>> What are you doing?

You're causing so much

trouble in this house.

>> I know. I'm done.

I'm done talking.

>> If y'all get a chance,

you oughta cut the lights.

You have a good night.