• Season 1, Ep 2 · Bonus

Shaunie Drops The Kids Off At School

Even early in the morning, the O’Neal kids work at Shaunie’s nerves as she’s driving them to their four different schools.

07/24/2016 · 1:24

(Shaunie)Me'Arah, where the heckyou going?

Can I ride mySegway to school?


Shareef, backpack.

Whose phone is this?

Come on, come on, come on!(moaning)

You should've had those on.

Wrong side, Mimi,what are you doing?

I got front.

Trying to get five kids

out of the house every singleday is... a task.

Let's all justgo to the mall.

Let's not.Yeah.

No, we're all justgonna go to school.

They all are gonna give mesome different type of problem.

(Shareef)School startsin a minute for me,

so I gotta go first.

Why!?I need to go first.

For what?

I have a field tripand I need to rehearse.

You need to rehearsefor a field trip?

Yeah, why do you need torehearse for a field trip?

So, all my kids are indifferent schools.

I know,craziest thing ever.

I really don't knowwhat I was thinking.

But there is a goodpattern that I have and need

to stay sane to get them allto school on time.

Reef, you're gonnago first.


That's the plan, we're stickingto it, shut it down.

Okay, I'm goingto sleep.

Get your foot away frommy facial area, please.

Shaqir, unless you want to bemissing one of those things.

A foot?

A toe?

I don't know why you guysmust work my nerves...

A fingernail?

...in the morning.