Tami Comes To LA

Tami joins Basketball Wives LA

09/12/2016 ยท 3:27

[knock at door]

>> There she go.

Look at you.


My girl Tami is in town.

Thank God.

And Tami is the friend

that will keep it

almost too real,

you know, where some things,

you're like, "Ooh,

don't actually say that,"

Tami's going to say it.

>> Well, what's going on

out here?

>> Girl, so I just found my way

to these lovely ladies

in Los Angeles, and it's a very

interesting group.

>> Okay.

>> Um, you know, probably

Jackie Christie.

>> Oh, yeah, I know Jackie.

>> And I don't know

if you know Malaysia Pargo.

>> I do know Malaysia.

>> Brandi Maxiell.

>> I think I've met her

out at events.

You know, they kind

of kitty cliquish to me,

you know, those two.

>> Like little girl?

Oh, them two.

>> No, kitty--K-I-T-T-Y--

cliquey, licky, cliquey.

>> Really?

>> That's what I think.

>> And then it's Draya.

>> Yes, I know Draya.

>> Now, in this group of ladies,

I see a different side of her.

It's kind of like...

she almost treats them

like they're underneath her.

>> Draya?

>> Yes.

>> Somebody underneath Draya?

>> Well, that's not hard.

>> You were pretty low

on the totem pole

a little while back,

so you shouldn't be

treating nobody like that.

>> She's erased her ho-ness.

>> It ain't credit, bitch.

You can't erase lines

off your credit report.

That [bleep] has traveled,

so you cannot erase it, okay?

>> It's there.

>> So she's treating

the other girls like [bleep].

>> Yeah.

But it's like in a weird kind

of way, like, she'll be like,

"Hey, boo, blah, blah,

blah, blah, blah," and then

she'll go over there and start

some [bleep] about you.

>> Draya?

>> So it's real kind of.

I'm confused.

I'm noticing Draya's

the bully in the group,

and it's really

annoying the hell out of me.

And now Brandi has decided

to invite everybody

on a trip to Santa Barbara.

>> Oh, that's cute.

>> I mean, it's cute

and whatever and--

>> 'Cause you can drive there.

So, if you don't like

them bitches, you can leave.

>> And get right back.

>> Yes.

>> So, yeah, Brandi, Malaysia,

and Draya are like three peas

in a pod.

They roll together.

>> Tight.

>> They are super tight.

So that's what even

made it a little more odd

that when Brandi talked about

going to Santa Barbara,

Draya's like, "Well,

I need to bring somebody."

>> Right.

>> As if you needed

a comfort person or something.

>> Right.

>> Like, those are your boos.

>> If y'all are supposed

to be tight, then why you need

another extra person?

>> Yeah, you already covered.

You got two people

that got your back.

You know what I mean?

>> Right.

>> So I said, clearly,

"I'm not sure why the hell

you need to bring

a whole new person."

>> Mm-hmm.

>> "Like, these are your girls,

right here."

And she was like, "Ooh, no.

I'm going on a trip with y'all.

I got to bring somebody."

Now, don't get me wrong.

All women have

a little pettiness, but, yeah,

this is kind of not for me,

unless y'all get it together.

I'm real leery on, am I going

to Santa Barbara at all?

>> Mm.

>> Or maybe I'll just go

real late and just be like,

"Hey," like you said.

>> Just peek in and dip out.

>> You turn that bitch right


>> I think that's probably

the safest, because...

[both laughing]

The way you describing this


>> So, yes, I do highly

recommend that while you're


>> Yeah.

>> You engage, 'cause maybe

I'm crazy.

>> I'm gonna let you know.

>> Yeah, please do.

>> I'm gonna see, and be like,

"Shaunie, you tripping,"

or, "They [bleep] crazy."

>> That's what I love about you,

by the way.

You will say it.

>> Yes, it's like I got

Tourette's or some [bleep].

I don't know how to control it.

It just pops right out.

>> You just say it.

It's almost like, "Now what?