• Season 3, Ep 5

Should A1 and Lyrica Elope?

On a roller skating double date with Ray J and Princess, A1 and Lyrica consider running off and getting married...without their mothers.

09/08/2016 · 2:44

♪ Dang ♪


♪ Hey, put that in the bag ♪

♪ Put that in the bag, hey ♪

♪ We'll get that money night,put that in the tub ♪

♪ I'm a dog, run it for me,I'ma break 'em all ♪

♪ Forgot the .22 tuckeddeep down in my side ♪


You showin' out!


(Ray J)Princess has been stressed outover the wedding.

I've been doing a whole lotof Scoot-E-Bike business.

You know, I just thoughtwe should just chill out

and just do something fun.

So, I called up A1 and Lyrica,they're my folks.

And, you know, they've beengoing through the whole thing

with the mama,and that'll stress you out too.

So, I think this'll be goodfor all of us.

Y'all just got engaged?Congratulations.


Thank you,thank you.

There it is.

Um, we got engaged,um, a year ago.

Everything went good,like, what...

Oh, you're talkingabout the dinner?

No, bro.No?

You know how longthat dinner lasted?

How long?

About ten minutes.

The table was turned,glass everywhere.

So, mamaswas going at it?

They was going at it, bro.Damn.

When I lookedat his mom's face,

she looked like she reallywanted to fight my mom.

And it hurt me becausethat's still our parents,

you know what I'm saying?

Whoa, I thoughtRay's mom was bad.

But this is like somefear-for-your-life type stuff.

At least Sonya likesto fight with her words

and not her fists.

Why do they hateeach other so much?

'Cause her mama crazy.

He always puts iton my mama.

His mama is crazy, too.

You'll meet her,Miss Pam.

When we meet the moms,are we safe?

Should we wear,like, helmets?

Ohh!(all laughing)

When I'm listening to Lyricaand A1 talk about their family

and their mamas,I was, like...

I thought I had it bad.

This is somewhole other (bleep).

And they mamas.

So, what's gonna happenwhen y'all get married?

(A1)It's to the pointwhere I'm, like, yo,

we should justrun off and elope.

'Cause I don't eventhink we will make...

That's what it's gonnacause y'all to do if y'all...

Really?You agree with that?

Yeah, why don't y'alljust say forget everybody

and just go and elope?

Exactly, that's what I'm saying,we should just do that.

I think they'll respecty'all more if y'all said--

if y'all just dealwith y'all have to do

and then y'all justlet them know what it is.


My mom's really spiritual,and my grandfather's a pastor.

So, she looks at it like, "Yo,if you are gonna be together,

you should be married, and youshouldn't be shaking up."

So, the moreI think about it...

We're getting ready to moveinto a new house.

I think thatmight make her happy.

Or I could be tryingto talk myself into it.


You should think about it.

Okay, baby, I'm gonnathink about it.

'Cause I love you, and I dofeel like it would be romantic

to just be with youfor ever and ever.

Love you.Love you.

Love you.I love you.(chuckling)

We're probably so annoying tothe people skating right now.

(both laughing)