• Season 5, Ep 13 · Bonus

Momma Dee Confides In Scrappy

Momma Dee talks to Scrappy about her financial problems with Ernest.

07/04/2016 · 2:28


You see, Ernest ain't here.

Where is Ernie?

Gone to work.

I mean, he gotta work.

Yeah, he gotta work,

but it ain't like he payingall the bills, gotta work.

What you mean?Though it seems--

Because I pay majorityof the bills,

I pay the car note,

I pay the health insurance,I pay everything, Scrappy.

He talking abouthe's trying to save.

And what he saving for?That's not how you do it.

You're supposedto have savings

after the billsare paid in the house.

Is he saving to get awayfrom you or what is he doing?

No, he's saving to be selfish.

How can he be selfishwhen y'all together?

Like, it supposed to be like,

what's his is yoursand yours is his.

Yeah, but--

Y'all supposed to have, like,joint accounts and--

His things is a my, my, my.

He's still going backinto his old (bleep) up ways,

like, being self-centered.

It's always about him.

And then the wayhe's been talking to me, like--

You let him talkto you crazy?

I can't believe that.

I get back with him,but that's the point.

See, let me tell you something.

The point is,I still heard it.

You know, y'all havea certain way y'all get down.

You know what I'm saying?Y'all get down that way.

Like, y'all will do that,and then next thing you know,

y'all will be overin the cut giggling

trying to,you know what I'm saying,

conjure up a plan againstsomebody, so it's like--

I mean, that's just y'all--But it's like, I'm older now.

And I'm like, when he ask mefor a second chance,

'cause he wanted me back, right?

So I honestly believed him

because you feltlike the first time,you didn't do right by me.

So now, I get you a job,you know what I'm saying?

When he got back with me,

he didn't have but two pairof God damn underwear.

He was washing themmother (bleep) by hand.

Yes, he was, hanging them upon his mama door.

Well, you know it getlike that sometimes.

Yeah, but, mm-mmm.But look, though.

But you would think a personwould be appreciative.

That's what I'm trying to say.I mean, yeah, Mama.

But I'm gonna be honestwith you.

Like, that's the guyyou chose, Ma.

Yeah.You know what I'm saying?

You're right, but--Hold on.

That's who you wantto be your husband,

you know what I'm saying?

'Cause you'd besitting right here,

you know what I'm saying,right here.

You know, y'all should betalking to each other right now,

you know what I'm saying?Right.

Let me ask you something.

Do you think it'd be goodfor you to be able to tell him

what you telling me?

You don't benefit outof this situation.

Right, I don't.

I do more givingthan I do receiving.

Okay, so maybe it's timefor you to get some--

get back, like,he need to give now.

Well--Is that how you feel?

Okay, we'll see how it go.

I love you, Ma.

But I gots to go.I gotta go get the little lady.

My money bunny.All right.

Mmm. Okay, son.

I love you.

Hopefully your husbandcome back any minute,

you know what I'm saying?It don't matter.