• Season 4, Ep 13 · Bonus

How Did Margeaux End Up Doing The Magazine Shoot?

Watch how Stevie played Margeaux into doing the photo shoot by using his publishing partner, Daze.

07/20/2015 · 2:32



I deal with a lot ofdifferent photographers

so I think we can definitelyrock out with it.

How you doing?(Margeaux) How are you?

Margeaux, right?Hi, I'm Margeaux.

Margeaux, how you doing?This is the team right here.

Oh, oh, hi, okay.

Hi, nice to meet you.I'll holla at y'all later.

Have a seat.Thanks.

I heard a lot ofgood things about you.

Well, that's good to know.A lot of good stuff about you.

Well, thanks for inviting me.Of course.

What's this all about?

This is your magazine?Yeah, this isthe magazine right here.

This is the last issuewe did with Russ.

We did another one,recently, we just did--

I don't know if you knowwho Joseline Hernandez...

Yeah, yeah, I've met her.She's really cool.Yeah.

When we do our layouts,we usually go do like a whole,

like a full interviewof questions like that

with your bioand stuff like that.Okay.

I wanna basically capitalizeon you being an artist.

Oh, yeah, well,okay, that's exciting.We definitely wanna get you in.

So tell me-- tell meabout your history.

I've been a music--musician for a lot of years.

Like, I have a song called"Start A War," which...

"Start A War?""Start A War."

What's the concepton the song?

It really started out becausethere was a lot of stuff

that came out about mein the blogs here in Atlanta

that were untrue.

And it was like this warthat just started

between like meand-- and media.

And it just, you know,when you can't really getthe truth from things,

it just feels like you just endup going into battle blindly.

It's a really cool song.I would love to hear it.

Okay.Send it to me.

That way, I can--I can zoom into it.

So let's just say, if wewas to do the cover, right?

I would actually probablytitled it that, "Start A War."

What would beyour vision of it?

For me, I was--I really picture, like,

I have a gas maskthat I spray painted.

And so,I also drew on it.

Wait, hold up,a gas mask?

Yeah, I-- I decorated itso it looks really cool.

You're gonna wearthe gas mask?

Yeah, we could do a shotwhere I have the gas mask on.

Um, I havea dope army jacket.

It's a Houseof Margeaux piece.

So, you know, it's givingthe element of war/fashion...

I'm visualizingas you're talking.

The gas mask...

You get it?

It's, it's--

Trust me,it makes sense, it's...


Since this ourfirst encounter...

so I'ma trust you on it.Okay.

I'ma have my peopleget in contact with yours

and we can set up the photoshoot as soon as possible.

'Cause, you know,time is of the essence.

Okay, cool.

Well, it was nice to meet you.You, too.

Definitely a pleasure.Thank you very much.

Be good.I will.

All right.(chuckling)

Don't forgetto send that song.I won't, thank you.