• Season 1, Ep 4

O'Neal Family Cook-Off

The O'Neal kids, Keyonna, and Robert face off in a competition to see who can best replicate their grandmother's banana pudding recipe.

08/08/2016 · 3:04

(Dear)It's time to cook!

Okay, I'm gonna give youthe directions only one time.

Listen, listen.Stop.

I have no idea howto make banana pudding.

I know how to makebanana pudding.

But we're using Dear'sfamily recipe,

and whoever losesgotta wash them dishes.

(Dear)Okay, here's what we do.

Two cups of milk.

(Keyonna)Two cups of milk.

A dash of salt.

What is a dash?How big is a dash?

Just a little dash,just a little.

He need to knowhow many grains of salt.

Maybe about12 grains of salt.

12 grains, hold on,let me count.

Three egg yolks.

Wait, just the yolk, no!

You're gonna blend the sugar,the eggs...

(Keyonna)Blend sugar...

What are you doing?Oh, nothing.

You're cheating, Robert.No, I'm not.

Yeah, you are, you started.

Oh, see, they gonnacheat the whole time.

It wasn't likewe had a start time.

Like, okay, on your mark,get set, go. So...

No, but that's cheating.Tsk!

Sometimes, you gotta cheatto win.Keyonna was right.

Look, uh...

Then you put it on topof the top boiler.

Cook it up tillit's nice and thick, okay?

How thick? Rihanna thickor Beyoncé thick?

Either one, which makes youhappy, okay?

Okay.I'm out of here,have fun!

Wait, Dear, do you haveto let the pudding cool?

What are you doing, Robert?!

What are you talking about?!

I don't know the first step intomaking this banana pudding.

So, I'm justpouring stuff in.

Let me do this 'causeyou don't know how to cook.

I do.No, you don't.

What's the first step?What's the first step?

Flour...How much flour we need?

You see this one?(Shareef)Yes.

All right.

No, wait, I don't.

How far does this go?

Oh, my God!

You don't haveto do it like that!

It's the yolk!It's the yolk!

It don't matter.

It said egg yolk.

And I was trying to getjust the yolk of the egg.

I was...

Robert went throughalmost 20 eggs,

and we almost lost the eggs.

Man, whatever.

Listen, come here.

And they starteda little cheat war, so...

We gonna take itto another level.

Come on, we need toget into that...

We can just putsomething in there...

That's enough.

Qir, stop.

(Robert)Okay, it's right here.

The salt in the sugar was oneof the best ideas I ever seen.

Who's your nanny?Keyonna is.


Hey, there's the sugarif you guys need it.

An eye for an eye.

We gotta do whatwe gotta do.

She said to mix...

We're mixingvanilla extract!

Yes, thank you.

Watch out!

We get that after you.

We got it next.

Oh!Whoa, good job.

(Robert)What did they do?!

We didn't do nothing,you just opened it wrong.

(Robert)It's sabotage everywhere, like,

they'd try to get awaywith murder if they could.

But we're peeping over thereat the other team

and trying to figure outwhat they got going on.

And they look very confused.

Turn this down.

Shaqir? Let's take it off.

Look at this, this lookslike... diarrhea.

(Keyonna)Just leave it.

(Shareef)This is, this is horrible,this looks nasty.

Our pudding looked so bad.

I don't even wannaclean that

because that's gonna be a partof the dishes we have to clean.

So, we have to figureout a way to win.