• Season 1, Ep 244

Linda Perry Turns Her Anger Into Music

After a failed suicide attempt as a teenager, Linda Perry uses her anger to write songs and create music.

07/16/2014 · 3:50

had turned her into an alienated, troubled teen.

I didn't feel like I hada healthy love around me.

Honestly, I didn'tthink anybody cared.

So if I would disappear,really, who's gonna miss me?

We were ignored.

A child is not to talk,they're just to listen.

So, we grew up with not exposingour feelings very easy,

and hiding them.

We had to suppress our emotionsbecause that's weakness,

to talk about thingsthat have hurt us.

But we were a --- mess.

At 16, Linda lost her will, and found a bottle of sleeping pills

in her mother's medicine cabinet.

I was so sad.

I was miserable in my skin.

I felt ugly.

I felt unloved.

I was over it.

You know what I did?

I tried to kill myself.

I took the bottle, drank thewater, and my heartbeat was

like, boom, ba-boom,ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom.


[heart beat]

I woke up, and I'min so much pain.

But I know I'm still here, whichis a massive disappointment.

And then enters the hero.

John Perry.

He shows up, and hecan be my validator.


And there she was, on thecouch, and you can just see

the sadness, and, you know.

She saw me, and I, youknow, hugged, she cried.

When that happened, I kindatried to stay more close to her.

I got my eye on you, you know.

I care about you.

That really helped me.

I decided thatthere's a reason I'm here.

By now, Linda had becomea strong guitar player,

with a knack for song writing.

Turning the emotionalpages of her diary into

heart wrenching tunes.


All a sudden thisvoice just showed up.

It was huge.

It was emotional.

It was filled withsorrow, an, and, and pain.


♪ Because of you, now leave!

One track in particular, about being molested, really hit home.

The song was called,"Down on Your Face,"

and was all about mybrother, and him, you know,

making me feel, um,dirty, and, um, bad.


♪ Did you just not seethe child in shame? ♪

My world changed because Idiscovered I was ----- angry.


♪ Now I see your face again!

I've been suppressing all theseemotions and these feelings

and this pain is all just goingthrough here, into my voice.

And then I hadthis huge ---- voice.

♪ It makes me sick toknow, because of you I bled. ♪

And I was shocked.


♪ Let me take your hand,and shove it up your ass! ♪

Then it hit me.

This whole time has led upto this moment right here,

that you're discovering.


♪ 'Cause I survived!

♪ And you're ---- in the head!

I'm gonna be a ---- rock star.

[clapping and cheering]