• Season 1, Ep 9

Ask Muva: Double Standards Between Moms + Dads

In this special SlutWalk episode, Amber Rose and Michelle Hope shut down common double standards associated with female sexuality. Check out the Amber Rose Show tonight 9/26 + 11/10c on VH1.

09/26/2016 ยท 1:28

There's a lot of fathersout there that are, like,

doing a lotof crazy things,

and no one ever says anything.- It's such a double standard.

- I was a stripperfor a long time.

It was the best [bleep] timeof my life.

I love dancing.I loved being up on the pole.

I loved the moneyjust falling on my body.

I mean, it was justso much fun, you know.

And, you know,I'm not one of those--

I don't go and talkto children, obviously,

say, "Hey, be a stripperlike me.

You'll get a talk show."

But I wasn't a momduring that time,

but [bleep], you know,if I didn't have this, girl,

and I had Sebastian,I'd be right on that pole

making that [bleep] moneyand doing what I gotta do

to take care of my baby.- Mm-hmm, yeah.

- You know, you gotta dowhat you gotta do.

- What you're doingis you're role-modeling

A positive image for,is it a son or a daughter?

- It's a son.It's a boy, too,

and that's somethingI think about is--

- Yeah, but you're a--you'rea very strong woman, right?

And that's the same thing.People say that about me.

You know, like, you know,"Your son's gonna grow up

and know that his momis a ho."

I see all kinds of [bleep]on social media,

and that's just, like,I'm a strong woman.

- Yeah.- My son's gonna see

a strong woman every single day.- Exactly.

- He's gonna know my past.He's gonna know everything.

And guess what?When I'm old as [bleep]

and wrinkly as [bleep],my son's gonna be like,

"Yo, my mom was a stripper,son.

"Like, that's crazy.

She's old as [bleep] and she wasa stripper back in the day."