• Season 3, Ep 3

Brandi Makes A Shady Business Deal

Brandi reveals to Princess that she took Max's $27,000 to invest in her clothing store instead of opening up a savings account for their son.

08/25/2016 · 2:56

(Princess)Out of nowhere, I get a callfrom Lil' Brandi

saying that I need to comemeet her in Inglewood.

And Brandi is alwaysup to something crazy.


(woman)The gold is nice, huh?The gold is nice.

Do we have thisin another color?



The beautiful.What is this?

My partner Jamella.Jamella, this is Princess.

Hi, Princess.

This is the secret surprisethat is no longer a dream.

Jhalae was an onlineclothing boutique

that my partner Jamellaand I opened up.

It's no reason we gotto keep doing this online.

Let's go half and halfon the storefront.

Problem was I didn't have moneyto invest in that.

So I took the 27,000my husband gave me for our son

and ended up with half ownershipof the store.

This is amazing.

Oh, my God,I'm so proud of you.

So, how did you putall this together?


Oh, God, I'm havinganxiety already.

What, you beenstripping?


No. No. Okay.

I have been on Max

that we need to put awaymoney for the baby.

Then he comes in,$27,000,

told me, "Put this awayfor the baby."

You did notspend that money.

Oh, my God.I didn't put a dollarinto Brandus' savings.

Not a dollar.

I'm not the one to judge,but, girl,

there's something wrongwith you.

It's basically betrayal.

Check me out.It's not like I just went

and got a Hermès bagand I'm over here playing.Yeah, but, like...

I know that this is gonnamake good money back.

I know what it's gonna do.

It's gonna turn thatinto way more than the 27.

(Brandi)I know that's not what Max

thinks I am doingwith this money,

but I intend to turn that 27,000

into 270,000 real quick.

Brandi, he's gonnakill you.

You're not puttingin the part

that he knowsthat's not my character.

I would never do that,so maybe I'm--

Well, it is your character'cause you did it.

I did it thisone time, Princess.

This one timefor a good cause.

I told Ray I wasmeeting with you,

so, I mean, when heasks me where I've been,

what we talked about,what do I tell him?

Okay, I'm glad youbrought that up.

Some of the timesI said I was with you,

but I was coming to dostuff at the store.

So, I've been your alibi?

I'm not about to lie to you.You have been my alibi.

How am I gettingdragged into this?

I don't wantthis information.

I don't want to have anythingto do with this information.

Me and Ray ain't evenmarried yet,

and you already got me,

like, trying to lie to him.Ohh...

Jhalae Couture can be amazingbusiness for our family.

I just hope that nowthat she knows she's my alibi,

she can keep my secret.

I'm gonna tell him,but I need to lie

if it's not the righttime to tell him.