• Season 2, Ep 4

Van Is Furious With The State Of 9 Mag

Van catches up on what he's missed in the past few months while he was in jail and is not pleased with the way things fell apart. Find out if the 9 Mag crew can pull it together Mon 10/17 + 9/8c on VH1.

10/10/2016 · 2:11

>> What's going on, man?

You all good here?

>> Hell ya.

[bleep] happy to see you.

>> As good as it is to have Van

back, I'm worried that nobody's

told him what's happened since

he's been away.

I mean, what's gonna happen when

Van realizes that there's some

random person in the shop?

And then sees that there's no

Katrina in sight?

>> Where's my little sister,

man? Where's Kat?

>> ♪

>> Yeah, at the boutique--I

mean, um, the art studio, right?

>> It's definitely a tattoo

studio holding her art.

>> ♪

>> I mean, Kat's no longer at

the shop, so welcome Junior to


>> ♪

>> All right, what the [bleep]

is going on?

What the [bleep]?

Ain't nobody tell me that Kat

weren't tattooing next to me no


Now I gotta come to the [bleep]

shop, and I'm tattooing next to

a whole total stranger now?

You all coulda called me and

told me that we had a whole

'nother [bleep] worker.

>> I know how close you guys are

and [bleep].

I come here to work.

I ain't trying to step on your


I'm not trying to step on

nobody's toes.

>> No disrespect to you,

brother, but we started a family


You know what I'm saying?

I'm confused.


Why did she leave?

>> RYAN: Man, [bleep], you don't

even know the half of it.

She upstairs paying her rent up

there and not paying us down


Bro, I gotta make a business

move, or we gonna be out this


>> Now [bleep] is just so

different, Van.

Katrina has put her hands on me

twice, brah.

>> What you mean?

You all fighting in here, too?

>> Yes.

What Van doesn't understand is

that Katrina is not the same

person that she was when he went

to boot camp.

Katrina doesn't give a [bleep]

about 9Mag.

Much less any of us.

>> Four--four months is what I'm


Like some much [bleep] change

[bleep] within a four-month


That's crazy.

>> All we tried to do every

mother [bleep] day was [bleep]

[bleep] get it together, bro.

>> I couldn't wait to come back

to 9Mag.

For me, this was home.

And now I'm in here, and I just

[bleep] feel like a stranger.

Kat ain't here.

The family is looking like

[bleep] breaking apart.

>> Ain't no look like it.

[bleep] that's what's happening.

>> VAN: That's [bleep] up.