Tami Doesn't Agree Wth The Drink Spike

Tami talks about Duffey spiking Angel Love's drink

09/12/2016 ยท 0:53

- I put some of her cognacin your shot, and--

- Why would you do me that?Why would you--

why would you do that?

- It was my--I forgotthat it turns you up.

- Why would you do thatthough?

- Angel Love iscompletely overreacting

like I drugged heror something like that.

Girl, don't nobody want youto act crazy.

I was just trying to have funwith you. Relax.

- That was really mean though.That was really mean.

- That was not mean.- Yeah, it was mean

for you to give me somethingthat I'm not trying to--

- To give you alcoholon a girls' trip where we're

all drinking,where you been drinking all day?

- No, something that you knowthat I don't drink.

- It's not like you don't drinkalcohol, so let's not go there.

- It was mean.- It was not mean.

- It was really mean.- No, what was mean

was the way you were actingwith Malaysia

when she invited youin the house

when she didn't even wantyou here.

- I really don't agreewith Duffey putting something

in Angel Love's drink.

Listen, you don't know howa person is gonna react,

and I watch too much ID Channelfor that type of [bleep].

You put something in her drink,and that bitch trying to stab me

in the middle of the nightin Big Bear,

it's gonna be a problem.