• Season 1, Ep 8

Can Mike Limbo With Shealyn?

Even though Mike and Shealyn have a lot in common, can it turn into more of a romantic connection?

09/04/2014 · 2:00

Do you liketo play music?

Yeah, I definitelyneed music.

Let's startup here.

This is awesome.

Limbo islike the perfect test

for me to find outhow flexible Shealyn is.

'Cause I love a girlthat's flexible.

♪ Duh-duh-duh-na-na

She's flexible,kind of!

(both laughing)

Limbo's hardwhen you got boobs.

My nipples were pretty closethere.

Another one?

Oh, I can't!

I thinkyou can do it.

So I put Shealynto the test.

I kept bringing the notch downon the limbo bar.

I'm totally cheating--(laughing)

She's notas flexible as I thought.

The hair messeseverything up.

(both laughing)

She's not evenas flexible as me.

I think we needmore drinks.


You gotta touchthe table first.

Oh, okay.

So you intothe music scene?

Like--I used to tourwith bands.

Oh yeah?Selling t-shirtsand (bleep)

That's sweet.

I'm in a music group.I travel all over.

Yeah,what kind of music?

We make funparty music,

I tour aroundto different colleges.

Like, I travellike every single weekend.

With his bandand traveling and all that,

it's actually moreof a turn-off

because although I do admirethat he has that much going on,

I don't know if he has time fora girlfriend at the moment.

How important is physicalappearance in a relationship

to you?

It's not usually whatinitially attracts me.

I'm very much intoconversation, brains,

having their (bleep)together.

I think it's importantbecause I love to go to the gym,

I love having a girl thatI can go to the gym with.

And somebody that maybe hasthe same lifestyle as me.

How old are you?I'm 29.

I'm 29, too.

Oh, cool--when's your birthday?May 27.

Mine's May 30.

Oh!Gemini!Oh no!

My God--I can't do a Gemini!

No, no,this is it.

Be awesome friends.

Shealyn and Idefinitely bonded.

We have a coolconnection.

It's just nota romantic connection.

More just like a friendshipconnection.

What we shoulddo now is

probably head backto the Jungle Villa

and continuethe good times.

Let's do it--cheers!

Let's go.