• Season 3, Ep 9

Princess Turns To Jason Lee For Revenge

Princess meets with Jason Lee for help in seeking revenge against Moniece on behalf of Brandi.

10/06/2016 ยท 2:49

I'm just sick of it. Ho-nieceis always messing with somebody.

And now she's made it a pointto go after Brandi.

It's about time somebody tookthat battery out of her back

and put her in her place.

When Jason and I werechatting the other day,

he gave up some really good dirton Moniece.

So I'm hoping that Jason

could give me more detailsabout this dirt today.

Thank you for comingto meet me, first of all.

Of course.

So I'm actually...

in, like,a hard spot right now.

What's going on?

Me and a friend, we getinvited to a listening party.

The someonewho invited us...

gets on the mic...

and airs outmy friend's business

in front of everyoneat the listening party.

(Jason)This girl really thinksthat I didn't know

about Moniece's stuntlast night?

I already knewthat she put Brandi on blast.

But Princess is gonnahave to give me information

that's gonna help me out.

Who was the artist?

I wouldn't reallycall her an artist.


Yeah, I wouldn't call heran artist, either.

(laughing)What was she doing?

She started talkingabout this girl,

how my friendattacked her.

No...On the microphone?

On the microphone.In front of everybody?

In front of everybody.

Okay, who the (bleep)--I just lost it.

Who are we talking about?

You promise that

it's not gonnaaffect you helping me?

I got your back, but I needto know who we're talking about.


For Princess, anything.

But for Brandi,I do recall about a year ago,

she felt the need to throwa drink in my face

and call me SpongeBob.

Listen, I'm not gonnatalk to your Chihuahua.

(Nikki)Chihuahua?Hold on, baby.

You calling the--

You like waterthrown on you?

But if she can get Brandito fess up an apology,

beg forgiveness,maybe a nice little gift,

then maybe we can talk.

But what did youhave in mind?

Well... I know that youbrought it up before.

Oh, Lord.

And you said you hada little sex tapey-tape?


(both laugh)

I know that you knowsomeone that has that.

Oh, yeah, I know a guy thathas a sex tape with Moniece.

I don't know exactly when shewas messing around with the guy,

but maybe she was tryingto fill the void from Lil Fizz.

I mean, this guy is a rapper,too, after all,

but Brandi's gottagive me a whole lot of (bleep)

for me to give upwhat I got.

Can I at least see it?

It's amazing.It's amazing?

It's not amazing in the sensethat her performance

reserv-- deservessome type of Stellar Award,

but I mean, you know,she's--

You definitely get the backshots, for sure.

This is a pricelessreceipt.

For me to give itto Brandi?

I mean, she's cool,I don't hate her.

I don't havea problem with her,

but I just don't(bleep) with her.

Will you just at leastsit down with her?

I really need this.I really need this.

If you really want me toand it's a favor for you,I'll do it.

Thank you.

(clicking tongue)