• Season 3, Ep 6

Ray J Drops A Bomb About Nikki On Safaree

While working out with Willie, A1, and Ray J, Safaree learns that Nikki might be in a relationship with Rosa Acosta.

09/15/2016 · 4:02

♪ All I do is cash out ♪

♪ ... pop they ... out ♪

♪ All these ...they want me ♪

♪ And they knowI'm tryin' to smash now ♪

♪ All I do is cash out ♪

♪ ... pop they ... out ♪

♪ All these ...they want me ♪

♪ And they knowI'm tryin' to smash now ♪

♪ All my boys be gully ♪

♪ All my boysbe gully ♪

♪ All my boys be gully ♪

♪ Every daymaking money ♪♪

(Safaree)I just wanted to have a talkwith the fellas,

so I told 'em,come meet me at the beach

so we could, you know,get our workout on,

get our swole on,and just, you know,

talk about everythingthat's going on.

I think we done, man.

You done did it.You did it.

You know,you did too much.Yeah.

Yeah, my (bleep). Your stomach'ssupposed to look like that.

Whoa!You feel me?

That's that (bleep).Nah, bro, I need--I need--

I need you in here,(bleep).

Bro, come on.Nah, I got you, fam.

I'm gonna work out with you,but you-- you know.

It's just stressing me out,you know, this wedding (bleep).

Man, you should havejust eloped.

That's what I did, bro.

Get the (bleep)out of here, man.Yeah, man.

Oh, man.You what?

I did it, bro.

So, y'all married?We married.

Know what I'm saying?Congratulations.

'Cause we beenbuilding together.

The last thing you wantis somebody

to get insideyour mind--

your parents,the people you love dearly--

and then they rearrangehow you feel.

You know what I'm saying?Right.

Man, I wish I had these guys'relationship problems.

What I'm going throughin my marriage,

I'll take any one of thoseover this one.

I haven't talked to Shandasince she gave me the letter,

so right now, I'm just tryingto stay positive

and pray that we canmake things work.

See, this is the thing.

You out hereat Venice Beach.

I saw you on TMZ.

You know what I'm saying?Walking around.

Yeah.With-- With--

With old girl.

I don't know whaty'all talking about.

It wasn't Nicki Nicki.

It was Nikki Nikki.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

What's up with that, man?

The paparazzi caught meand Nikki out on a date.

Now it's all over the blogs.

This kind of ain'twhat we really wanted,

but it happenedand it is what it is.

We just went out to eat,we leaving, paparazzi outside.

You like Nikki Baby?Yeah, he like Nikki Baby.

Yeah, I like her a lot.

She good, man.She got a good heart.


Nikki has a big heart.

But-- But the real thing,you know,

is the different assetsthat she carries.

Look behind.

Ooh, pow!Oh, my God!

But I'm engaged, though.

So at the end of the day,you know, that's just it.

She cool. She cool.She look cool.

But look. You know I gotthe Scoot-E-Bike store, right?

And you know what'snext door to my store.


That Rosa Acosta...

her shop.Uh-huh.

I heard they both...

Know what I'm saying?Like, one and one.

When you say they one,what you saying?

Don't get your feelingscaught up in one.

If she with somebody else,you got to demand both.

"I need to be (bleep)with both of y'all!"


I really wantto settle down

and be in a relationshipright now,

but Nikki and Rosa?Hmm.

That's every bad man fantasy,you see me?


Normally, Ray J's adviceis a little crazy,

but right now, I think he maybe on to something.

This is what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna gomeet her at, like,

the next event she do,

and then outside of allthe hoopla and all that,

we gonna go somewhere,no cameras, none of that,

and I'm gonna just really belike, "Yo, Ray told me..."

No, no, no, no...Should I say--

Wait, wait, wait, wait.No, no, don't tell me--

Don't sayRay said nothing.

Like, I'm helping you.

Don't expose, like--I'm your--

I'm like yourguardian angel, fam.

This is whatyou need to do.

You need to come in with oneof the magazines Rosa on

and just put the magazinedown in front of her,

and then you hit herwith the...

"I want it all."

And all shegonna tell you is,

"You can haveit all, Daddy."

(A1)Ray's my guy,but I'm not quite sure

that Safaree should betaking advice from him.

Even if this was a good idea,which it's not,

I don't think Safareecould pull it off.

And that's it.You either gonna lay down

and they gonnagive it to you,

or you gonna lay 'em downand give it to them.

I'm gonna give itto the both of them.

Congratulations.You want it all.

Congratulations, man.

Wanted to talk.Good to talk (bleep).

We made it, Ma!Top of the world!

I'm gonna stay-- I'm gonna stayhere and work out though, man.

Y'all gonna bethe lazy guys, okay?

I want it all!