• Season 5, Ep 2

Angel Who?

Beef is still brewing between Malaysia and Angel Brinks. Both ladies show up to Duffey's party, but Malaysia seems to be rubbing everyone the wrong way.

07/17/2016 · 2:24

- Brandi's throwing a party.She's gonna have Angel there,

knowing that I don't really,you know, vibe with her.

But I'm gonna take one for the team,

'cause I want Brandi to be happy.

So I'm gonna gofor a little bit,

show my respect, and see how it goes.

- Hey!

- Hey, guys.- Hey, mama.

- Hi, how are you?- Hey.

- Hey, how are you?- Really?

- Hey, how are you?How are you?

- I'm good.- Hey.

- Forever.- You look beautiful.

- Malaysia wants to act like I'm nobody,

that I don't even exist.

I don't really care what Malaysia thinks about me.

It's the fact that she actslike I don't exist.

It's, like, total disrespect.- Hey, Carolyn, how are you?

- You're gonna constantly see my face, so just respect me.

Stop acting like you don't know me.

Stop acting like I don't exist.

Bitch, I'm herewhether you like it or not.


- Malaysia, this is Angel.

- Hi, Malaysia, how are you?Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.- Yeah, me too.

Did you want a shot?- No.

- You don't drink?- I do.

I just don't want a shot.- Uh-oh.

This is not how you react to meeting a person

for the first timebecause the first impression

that you're giving meis you're coming off as a bitch.

- Thank you for coming,Malaysia.

- No problem.- I appreciate it.

You look pretty.- You too. Thanks.

- Weird about what?- Just awkward?


- Awkward about what?


Why would she?We don't know each other.


There's nothing inside of methat wants

to clear it up with Angel.

I think she took my kindness

for weakness,and I don't like that.

And so, like, I just don't want to have a conversation

and argue with someonefor a one-sided situation.

That's annoying.

- I think me and Brandifound a place,

so I'm excited about that.

- They're back downtown.- Back downtown, yeah.

- Downtown is cool.- Yeah.

- What is wrong with you?Why are you acting weird?

- Nothing. Downtown is cool.I like downtown.

- Malaysia is acting very standoffish

and like she doesn't want to talk to me

and that she doesn't want me around.

I'm really starting to wonderwhy she even came.