• Season 4, Ep 13

Natalie Questions Renee's Recovery

While discussing her relapse in Las Vegas, Renee is attacked by Natalie about her addiction.

02/27/2014 · 1:37

gotta tell me, why were you

acting out like that?

What happened?

>> I relapsed and, um,

it's part of recovery.

>> Can you tell us what led you

to the relapse?

>> She's scared to fly.

She gets anxiety.

And Renee was drinking

the vodka.

Her new boyfriend, Tito.


She can't have any alcohol with

men's names.

>> No, nothing with

a man's name.

>> No Johnny, no Tito.

>> No Jack, no Tito.

>> Leave the men alone.

>> Yes.

>> So she was scared to fly...

>> There was a lot going on in

my life, and then it wasn't just

alcohol, it was a mix of, um,


I took a Xanax.

>> Las Vegas is called Sin City

for a reason, but it's not the

best place to take somebody when

they're in recovery, so...

>> No.

>> Do you accept any

responsibility for taking Renee

to Vegas?

>> She planned the trip,

we didn't.

>> Yeah, I didn't even plan the

God damn trip.

>> Renee, did you even think

that this might not be a good

place in Vegas?

>> I don't give a (bleep) if it

was in Florida or in Vegas.

I relapsed, period.

It happens to the best of us,

and that's the end of it.

>> How can you relapse when you

were drinking from Mob Candy.

To the day with Michael, you

were drinking wine.

Like, if you are in recovery,

you're not allowed to drink and

do drugs.

>> Well, do not, do not, do not

talk to me about my (bleep)

recovery... don't!

>> Listen--

>> Do not!

>> I could say whatever I want.

>> Do not.

>> It's a free country.

>> Okay, you just got a big

(bleep) trap, bitch.

That's what you got.

Don't talk about my recovery.

You know nothing about it.

>> I'm asking a question.

>> You know nothing about it.

>> I'm asking a question.

>> Well, then if that's the

case, then why would you (bleep)

get high with me, bitch?


>> Does "Playing with Fire,"