• Season 5, Ep 17

Who Is Joseline Loyal To?

Nina Parker talks with KK, Jessica Dime, Mimi, Karlie Redd, and Stevie J about all the sneaky chaos Joseline caused this season.

07/25/2016 ยท 2:49

but when it came time to getback to the grind of the ATL,

she needed more thana $200 manicure

to keep her hands clean.

With Joseline, it's justalways an ulterior motive.

I know her.

She ain't nobody's friend.

Do you think she'sthreatened by you?

She has to be.

It's always old bitch this,old bitch that.

It's old bitch again.

I think she's very miserableand insecure.

She has no loyaltyto anyone.

She's a horrible person.

What happenedwhere she flipped the switch?

Rehab.Rehab for what?

What do peoplego to rehab for?

(laughing)Well, several reasons.

Whatever the reasonis, rehab.Oh, okay,

so you guys are saying,on the list, check it off?

Coke-elinefor Joseline.

That's how it--Yeah, end of story.

Can you explainwhat that means?

You know,PreMadonna said it.

I mean, all of thisoutrageous behavior,

I mean, the thingsI see on Instagram,

you got to beon something.

Say anything that youwant to say about me.

I'm gonna get you back.

I'm gonna show you howto really play the game.

(Nina)Joseline was back

and ready to showthe other ladies in the cast

just who was in charge.

And when she heard Karlie Reddwas back to her messy ways,

she became firston Joseline's hit list.

I took it upon myselfto get this information.

All I want to tell you is,

if you don't want thisinformation on the blogs,

this informationright here--What is it?

If you keep onwith your gossip--

I have nothing to hide.Nothing.

Not one (bleep) thing!

How did you feel when shepresented that envelope

and essentially what you said,blackmailed you.

I was hurt.Like, damn, bitch!

I supported you witheverything that you've done.

So it was like, damn,you want to blackmail me?

Like, bitch...That's your friend.

What was in the envelope?

I'm gonna letDawn Heflin--

Dawn, you're makingcalls over here.

Yeah.She does. She has to.

Because if not,the world would be

burned the (bleep)down, forgive me.

I ain't gonna say nothing.

You think maybeshe was bluffing?

Who knows?

I would have said it.Keep it real.

You got something,put it out there.

The name of the show

is "Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaExposed and Unfiltered."

Are you sure you don't want totell us what's in the envelope?

I'm gonna spare Karlie.So, you're gonna spare her?

Right, I'm gonna spareKarlie.

I mean, why not?Look at her.

Poor baby.

She walkcrooked as hell.

One of her legs longerthan the other leg.Okay.

I would really just bea (bleep) bully

if I wasn't to have, like,

a little soft spotfor the bitch.

Do you still call hera friend?

No. I call heran associate,

a setup bitch,or a, you know.

You might be makinga new word up right now.A snitch.

Oh, you think it might below-key snitching?

Low-key snitching.