• Season 2, Ep 3

Phor Is Afraid Don May Go Off The Deep End

When Don gets the results from his paternity test, Phor is worried this will cause a downward spiral for him. Find out how things play out for Don next Monday 10/10 at 9/8c only on VH1.

10/03/2016 · 2:35

>> ♪ Around here

♪ Everyday is a gamble

♪ How much do they expect

♪ Us to handle

>> [drumming]

>> [knocks at door]

>> DON: What up, man?

>> PHOR: [laughs]

How are you? Going crazy?

>> DON: What's up, man?

[bleep], bro.

>> Is he [bleep] up?

>> Do you see, arched the back.

>> I'm gonna get you

a girlfriend, for real.

>> He didn't learn that move on

his own, bro.

>> I mean he probably watched--

>> He arched his back, bro,

that's only when you're trying

to get deeper.

>> No, he's probably seen some

of my moves.

>> Let me get up in there.

>> So look, man, your test

results came in today.

Don took his paternity test

a few days ago, and had

the results sent to my house,

just so Ashley would not see

the results before he did.

I'm nervous as [bleep] so I can

only imagine how my bro Don is

feeling right now.

>> Man I need a shot real

quick, bro.

>> Need a shot?

>> DON: I'm thinking like, man,

this cannot be real.

But now that I have these

results, I'm not gonna lie.

I'm scared as hell right now.

If this turns out to actually be

my daughter, it's gonna change


>> ♪

>> DON: [bleep]!

Oh, man, it's pretty much safe

to say that, uh...

this is my daughter.

Pretty much 99.999998 percent.

>> This is a huge blow for Don.

No matter what, we're gonna get

through it.

And I'm worried because when

[bleep] gets rough, he has

a tendency to spiral out of


I saw it happen when he lost his

basketball scholarship.

I don't wanna see him go through

all that again.

How you feel, bro?

>> [bleep] up in the head

because I'm putting so many

people through so much [bleep]

because I couldn't keep my

[bleep] in my pants.

Ain't gonna lie, bro, I'm

scared, bro.

I just really don't know how to

talk to Ashley about this at

all, bro.

I have no clue how Ashley's

gonna accept this news.

She can just walk away.

And I have to understand that

because this is not her kid.

This is not what she signed

up for.

And I really can't even blame

her, whether she goes left or


Really got a lot to think

about, man.