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Alicia Wants A Divorce

While out to dinner with Natalie, Alicia reveals that she is ready to be on her own and divorce Eddie.

02/20/2014 ยท 2:09

>> With all this BS with London

and I and Alicia's sentencing

coming up, I'm really happy to

be with Alicia tonight.

I feel so bad that Alicia's

going through all this just

because of her husband.

>> You talked to Eddie?

>> I have.

I don't really (bleep) feel like

talking to him.

I'm so, like, mad

and feel so alone.

>> Emotionally, physically

and even financially

at this point,

I'm just drained.

I can't help but feel down

and defeated and very,

very anxious.

>> I'm going through all this

for a reason.

He put me here.

>> Exactly.

He's the one that,

that did this.

And you're paying for it.

You and the kids.

>> Went through (bleep)

and didn't have him

and did it all by myself.

That's how I know right now I

can sit here and tell you

that I am fine by myself.

I don't need a man.

I don't need anybody

to make me okay.

I am fine by myself.

>> What is the status of

you two as of today?

>> Listen, as of when I heard

the wiretaps is the day I took

my rings off.

That part's done.

That's what I'm trying

to say to you.

>> Are you going to

get divorced?

>> He needs to know that what he

did to me isn't okay

and we are gonna get divorced

because of that.

I'm not messing around.

>> At this point, I don't see

myself getting past everything

that he's done.

I'm ready to have that serious

conversation with Eddie so I

feel like I do need to get

divorced so I can start the next

chapter of my life.

>> Are you nervous?

>> Yeah.

This last week I've been so

depressed and like, it's like

I'm really actually scared

'cause I know that

it's happening.

In 48 hours,

I'm gonna be sentenced.

It's insane.

>> Like, what's the worst?

>> According to the attorney,

she could send me away for five

years if she wanted to.

>> All I want is good

to come out for this girl

and her children.

Worst case scenario for Alicia,

she can go to (blank) jail.

>> This is to you, best of luck.

You're gonna be fine.

I know you are.

I feel it.