• Season 1, Ep 5

LeAnn & Eddie Hit the Trail

See how Eddie keeps LeAnn on her toes in this clip from the next episode of LeAnn & Eddie.

08/14/2014 ยท 1:03

me, you can catch me.

>> I'm just lookin' at your ass.

>> (laughing)

>> You know there's rattlesnakes

up here, right?

>> Why did you have to

mention that?

>> What, you want me to lead?

>> No.


I don't know.


Wow, it's so pretty up here.

>> This place is great.

(hawk screeching)

Talk about--

>> Yeah, the view,

once you get up...

>> Come back here.

>> Oh.


Oh, my God.

>> Babe, this is good

for the plants.

>> I wish I just had a penis, to

whip it out and pee wherever

I wanted.

If I dropped drawers right now

and peed, I would probably get

bit by something.

>> You'd have to air dry.

That'd be a problem.

>> (laughing)

I could do the shake.


>> What time does Chrissy

get in?

>> She-- I don't know if she's

even left yet.

She sent me a picture from the

airport of Baby "V."

>> Oh, my gosh.

How many pictures does she want

to send?

>> Baby "V"!


>> Oh, my gosh!


>> You ass(bleep)!

Oh, that's what you get!

That is so what you get.

That is so mean!

What's wrong with you?

>> I'm sorry.

I just want to keep you alert,

keep you on your toes.

Come on.

We cool!

>> You can carry me.