• Season 4, Ep 9

The Girls Walk Through A Haunted Corn Maze

Natalie, Alicia, Drita, and Ang go pumpkin picking and walk through a haunted corn maze. Natalie shares her Halloween party plans.

01/30/2014 ยท 4:05

>> I thought it was walking

through a cornfield, looks like

you're walking in a haunted


>> This looks spooky.

>> All right, I'll go in first.

>> Go ahead.

>> I love Halloween, I love to

be scared.

I mean, I own a funeral home,

I see dead bodies every day.

Nothing fazes me anymore.


(birds cawing)

>> I don't like this.

>> I'm scared.

What's in there?



>> I don't like that.

>> I don't like any of it.

Well, who the (bleep)

like this?

>> Look at that,

with the bucket.

>> That's really nasty.

>> That chainsaw massacre.

Oh madonne.

I think zombies are gonna jump

out which I don't like so I am

not into cornfields.

Who even thinks of things

like this?

That's gross.

Oh, look, it ate her.

>> Ew!

>> Nobody walks through this

with their kids, do they?

>> Yes, kids like this (bleep).

>> This is definitely not a

place you bring your kid and

then you wonder why he's a

mental case.

>> That bothers me.


>> That's what happens when you

cheat on your boyfriend.

>> I can't look at another

gross thing.

>> Let's get some pumpkins.

>> I like these, Ang.

>> That's a nice one.

>> This should be illegal.

>> Hello? Hold on, she's right

here, it's for you.

>> At least they got big

pumpkins with nice handles.

I go for the stems.

>> So do I.

>> You have to pick the

pumpkins with the nice stems.

>> Yeah.

A lot of people say, it's not

the size of the stem, it's how

you use it.

>> Oh, please, that's

a bunch of --.

>> I know.

Look at the size of this?

>> Oh, that's thick.

That's got girth.

(all laughing)

>> I love these moments with

the girls when all I do

is laugh.


Because my favorite thing to do

is laugh and it's really taken

my mind off of everything else

that's going on in my life

right now.

>> So what are we doing for

Halloween, girls?

We gotta have a major party.

>> Halloween, I am having

a party.

>> I'm excited.

>> So I'm planning this big,

huge Halloween bash.

>> Oh, I love Halloween

parties, I'm there.

>> I'm pulling out

all the stops.

I'm using fog, props.

I wanna make punches with

fingers and skulls.

I'm setting up a casket

as a bar.

>> That's cute.

>> It's the first Halloween

party that I'm actually

planning at the funeral home

so I'm really excited.

>> Wait a minute, this is in

a funeral parlor?

>> Yes, at my funeral home.

>> This is scary.

You don't think it's gonna

be scary?

>> Good.

>> I don't know if I like it in

a funeral home.

What if the -- spirits are not

happy that we're having

a (bleep) party.

Wants to bitch slap me

and I don't even see the --.

I don't (bleep) around with

things I can't hit and see.

>> I'm trying to make it

creepy but cool

in the same sense.

Everybody dress up, have fun.

I wanted to ask you guys, too.

It's a big party, I'm inviting

everyone I know.

Maybe I should invite Renee.

>> I think that you should

always be the bigger person and


>> I'm actually shocked right

now that Natalie's considering

inviting Renee to our Halloween

party being everything that

happened in Vegas,

but I actually think it's a

good idea to invite her.

>> Well, listen, if everybody

wants to get past everything,

everybody should be together

and you get past it.

>> I think she'll come.

>> ...And nothing's ever gonna

get resolved.

Should I give her a call right

now, then?

>> Yeah, call her.

>> I haven't felt like meeting

up with Renee to go one-on-one

since Vegas, but I thought

inviting her to my Halloween

party would break

the ice a little.

>> Hi, you've reached Renee.

I'm unavailable.

(message beeping)

>> Renee, it's Natalie,

I'm calling you-- I'm with the

girls, I wanted to know if you

would like to come to my

Halloween party?

Give me a call back when you

get this, bye.

>> If she decides not to come,

that's on her.

I'm glad that Natalie invited

Renee, even though Renee and

Alicia are on the outs.

You know, because we can't just

have everybody happy.

>> I think she should come.

>> Well, she should.

This is the best opportunity

for Renee to show the nice, fun

Renee, and she can redeem

herself with the Philly girls.

She'll come, she likes parties.

>> If she wants to come,

the invitation's there.

We're all gonna be there,

dressed to impress.

Just wanna the scare the --

out of her.

(Ang laughing)