• Season 1, Ep 2

Girl Time, Fun Time

LeAnn's Southern friends join her for a girl's weekend in Los Angeles. Plus, Eddie is offered a major TV job and wrestles with the tough choice of taking a series regular role.

07/24/2014 ยท 2:32

>> What're you making over

there, sister?

>> I'm making lemon water with

cayenne pepper.

>> I've never heard of this.

>> It's really good for your


>> Really?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> You got a gallon of it

for me?

>> So, we're having a girls'

weekend, and I have really fun

mix of friends.

>> You have to make the biscuits

from scratch.

Flour, and make some dough.

>> Lindsay is from Texas.

No, thanks.

>> I'm ready for you to like

cook up some chicken and

dumplings there, girl.

>> I don't think I've made

chicken and dumplings ever.

>> What?

Where were you born?

I forgot.

>> And I was born and raised in

the Deep South with Chrissy, but

I moved to L.A. when I was 15,

and I really do feel like I've

done a lot of my growing up here

in-- in L. A., in the city.

I just don't eat a lot of, like,

white flour anymore.

Of course, I'm gonna adopt some

L.A. things.

>> She makes salmon now,

and turkey chili.

>> Liz is definitely my L.A.

girlfriend-- and everybody's got

different backgrounds, so it's

fun when we get together.

...What do you guys wanna do

this weekend?

>> Girl time, fun time.

>> I don't care-- anything.

>> We should go eat sushi while

you're here.

Do you like sushi? >> No.

>> Have you tried it?

>> There's something about the

texture that I just-- I really

don't like the texture.

>> We could go wine-tasting.

>> So, like at the wine-tasting

place, can we like stomp

the grapes?

>> Yeah.

>> Are you guys hungry?

I'm starving.

>> Yes.

>> We should go to brunch.

>> You need a mimosa?

>> Mimosa, please.

>> Mimosas, Bloody Mary...

>> Perfect.

I'm in.

>> I think we might need

a driver.

>> What kind of trouble are you

guys gonna get into, huh?

You guys have it all planned


>> Yes.

What's going on? >> Nothing.

That offer finally came in, and

it doesn't shoot here in L.A.

It shoots in Dallas.

>> Oh, really?

>> It's for that show, "Dallas".

>> What?

>> Congratulations!

>> What did you tell them?

>> I didn't say anything.

I said I had to think about it.

You know, it's a lot to think


They want me there in two days,

and they want me to make

a decision like, right away

like this?

It's something that's gonna

affect my life for, you know,

seven months, and possibly

longer. >> Yeah. >> Yeah.

So I decided to think about it.

I need to talk to you.

>> Hearing Eddie's job offer is

in Dallas and it could be seven

months or more is really


Sometimes I feel conflicted

because I want him to be

successful, and he needs to feel

like he's the head of the

household, and I want that

for him.

But, at the same time, I

selfishly want him around more.

>> I'm gonna go box anyways,


>> I love you.

>> All right.

I'll call you later.

>> After that, we need a drink.

>> Okay.

Yeah, oh, girls, you guys are

gonna be drunk.

>> Get a drink on.

>> Let's get our drink on.