• Season 3, Ep 2 ·

Check Yourself Episode 2: Marital Doubts And Stripper Body Shots

Mimi casts her doubts on Joseline and Stevie J's marriage, while Karlie takes down Yung Joc for taking body shots off a stripper.

05/07/2014 · 5:01


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The sceneyou're about to see

is Mimi spilling the beans aboutbecoming a porn star.

You know we went tothat party the other night?

I was like, "Oh, so youguys got married."

Like, what daydid you get married.

You know, was therefamily there?

Um, the end of July.

I said, "Wait, you don't know the date?"

July 28th, July 29th.

I said, "Do you have a marriage certificate?"

She was like, "Of course."

Where is it, because that's public record.

Public record.

Where is it?

And as much as these twolove Instagram,

that marriage certificate

would've been postedall over the place.

She would've made a (bleep)dress out of it.

Anyway, what else?

Your gift was given too.

Oh, yeah, she was like,

"Oh, thank you, we got two,we got one..."

Yeah, "Oh, we gotanother pole, thank you."

Mmm, add more to it,girl, bye.

She stormed out that party.

It might've hit her...

when it was like, "Oh, thisis from Mimi."

(Erica) What we really need to address

is these naked pictures of Mimi and Nikko.

(Erica) What's going on with you?

I saw the pictures.

I was like, "Whoa."

They need to brace their selfbecause I've accepted it.

And you and Arianeand everybody else

need to accept it too.

If not, I don't knowwhat to tell you.

'Cause guess what, I donewrapped my mind around this.

So y'all need to wrap y'all'saround it, okay?

We actually had a major

billion dollarcompany contact us.

Are they giving you a billiondollars since they got billions?

For this?

Guess what?

This is me and what I'm doing.

Worry about you and whatthe (bleep) you're doing, okay?


Your daughter has tosee this, Mimi.

(Mimi)What about you Eva?

Did you not consider her firstwhen you were doing this tape,

or if anything could happenbeyond you making this tape?

I can either let this tape run around for free,

or I can be a (bleep) business woman about this (bleep)

and capitalize off of it

and send my mother (bleep) daughter to college.

There's nothingbusiness-like, business minded

as far as a porn tape.

The tape got out, period.

Okay, so the personthat stole...

I don't knowwho stole it.

Didn't nobodysteal (bleep).

Listening to the storyabout Nikko and everything

that was happening was likewha-wha-wha-wha-wha.


Don't sayanything about this.

I don't need Stevieto find out.

You know, he's gonna make mylife a living (bleep) hell

as far as Eva's concerned.

He is gonna try to do all ofthe-- you know, stuff and...

I'm a bad parentand I'm-- I'm... I know Stevie.

I know Stevie like the backof my hand so...

I already know whathe's gonna try and do.

Don't say nothing.

Y'all gonna just make my lifemore (bleep) up.

Please don't do that.


Guess what?

I'm really not sure whoI can trust right now

but we will find outreal soon, now won't we?

The next scene you're about tosee is where I caught Joc

red-handed at the strip club.

I'm gonna dropa little bit on you.

And I'm a take thisshot, here we go.


Tear it up.

What's up, baby, hey, what's happening?

Huh? What?

What I do?

Wh-wh-what you talking about?

What happened?

Why the (bleep) do you gotta beall up on (bleep)

just looking at ass.

You gotta tell these bitches,

"Look, five feetor five minutes."

My lady, Karlie Redd, is a womanwho doesn't truly understand

the parameters of a dude's job

and she overreactsjust a little.

You come home,you smell like perfume.

And your--your man down theresmell like (bleep).

(bleep) outta here.


Ladies, what if we decided,

we got a man at home.

But you know what,we gonna go to the...

strip club and takea shot off a man.

Let's see how that feel?

You just (bleep) took a shotoff a bitch.

Five (bleep) feet.

Five (bleep) feet.

Come on, chill.

"Yo, you taking body shots?"

Okay, baby, I tooka body shot, so what?

You look like Condoleezza Rice.

That's what you-- you know what?


Karlie-leeza Rice.

When it come to my man,

I will be the fun police.

I will come snatchyou up out the club.

I'll snatch that (bleep).

You're notgonna play me.

I wanna say something.Is it important?

It's very important.

They just called me and said

that we can close onthe house in like two weeks.

Even though we wasin a strip club

it just puta smile on my face that...

I could finally...

figure out what's really goingon between me and Joc.

You love me?

I got you a little dance.

You think that (bleep)is funny?No, I don't.

We festive in the strip club.

You know, it's coolto get your lady a dance.

It's a certain etiquette,you know,

this is how bein the strip club.

She right in front of you,bow, bow.

Busting up in therewith that juice.

And you just...

I just (bleep) asked you if you loved me.

I do, I do, Karlie,

You knowI love you, hmm?

Come on, baby, Mmm.

He got me to give hima kiss because he said

we're closing on a housein two weeks.

And he told me he loved me.

See how hereel me in?

Condoleezza Rice is onthe campaign

I guess withPresident Yung Joc.

We should be tripping.