• Season 1, Ep 6

Dog Therapy

Eddie gets roped into attending dog therapy with the puppies and actually is shocked at the results.

08/21/2014 ยท 1:11

>> Hey, babe.

>> Yeah?

>> You notice Precious is acting


>> No.

>> She is, though.

She looks really depressed.

(Precious whimpering)

>> She's fine.

She's old, that's all.

>> No, I think we like might

need to do something about it.

>> Just take her to the vet.

>> No, we've tried that.

I think we need like a dog

therapist or something.

>> Oh, no.

Did my wife just suggest

dog therapy?

There's no such thing

as a dog therapist.

>> Yes, there is.

Elisa told me that she used it

one time for her dogs.

>> What do you even do?

You bring the dog to like

a room and the therapist has

a little notepad and takes down,

you know, takes down notes?

>> Why are you making fun of me?

>> Just 'cause it doesn't make

any sense.

>> It makes complete sense.

>> I mean, what's next,

baby yoga?


Oh, that's, that's a real thing?

Do you have any idea how

ridiculous you sound right now?

>> No.

I would do anything for my dogs.

I'm calling the doggie


I don't care what you say.

>> Okay, fine.

Call the doggie therapist.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> What do you think Precious is

going to talk about, babe?

She wishes she had her ovaries


>> Oh, my God.

>> Huh?

She never knew her real daddy?

>> I'm not listening to you.

>> She regrets never having


Only in L.A.

>> Whatever.

>> Good girl.