• Season 1, Ep 4

Chuck Plays Cupid

Chuck and Kristen have a great time doing archery on their first date.

08/07/2014 · 1:15

So, uh, I think this is it.

So you've never usedone of these before?

No, I haven't butI wanted to try this

ever since I've seen"The Hunger Games."

Stand back.Yes.

Things can--you pull it, aim...I'm standing back.


Give it a shot.

(Chuck)Oh, my goodness.

All right, here we go.

I was definitelychecking Chuck out

when he was focusingon the targets.


Chuck has a nice ass.

Little whitebut it's really nice.


You want to makethis interesting?

Okay.Place a wager on it?

If you make it,you get to kiss me.

I get to kiss youif I make it?

Yes, yes.

You'll let me kiss you?

I'll let you kiss me.



Same deal?


The arrows weren't goingthe way that I wanted...

Okay, here we go.

...but the energy I was gettingfrom Kristen was fabulous.

Oh, finally.


Can I steal a kiss?Okay.

Okay, one kiss.


Chuck is cuteand he doesn't really know it.

He has confidence butnot cocky confidence.

It's just adorable.