• Season 1, Ep 7

Liddy Searches For Treasure

On her second date, Liddy goes out with southern gentleman Joe. While the two search for buried treasure Liddy searches for a deeper connection.

08/28/2014 · 1:59

Ooh, this is so cool.

So, we need to findthe key first, I think.

Okay.And then, onwards.

I was hoping for somethingnice and relaxing.

Um, a key, wow.

This is, like,

kind of we don't wantto repeat that.

I know, right?

I didn't think that we'd begoing on a treasure hunt.

So, you thinkit's up here or what?Uh...

When I would try to, like,climb something or whatever,

he'd, like, touch me,which kind of bothered me.

I'm good, thanks.You're good?

(Joe)You know, I was trying to bea Southern gentleman.

It's like...you know what I mean?

Hey, you know what?

We're totally looking atthis thing the wrong way.

Now...No, we're not.

No, we're not.Yeah. Nice thought.

No, we are.

I'm from Kentucky,and I grew up in the woods,

and I've read maps,and, like,

if I don't findthe (bleep) key,

the whole (bleep) state'sgonna be, like,

"What the (bleep)are you thinking, man?"

Like, no (bleep).

It sucked.It sucked (bleep) balls.

It's right there!I'll tell you what--come on, here.

Get on my shoulders.Okay.

Ah, okay. Uh...

Um, how about you boost mewith your, uh...

Oh! Okay, that worked.

Whoa!Are you serious?Look at all that.

Oh, my God,is this chocolate?


Oh, my God,look at this.

Rum, right?Yeah, rum.

Pirates like rum.

To be honest, I was (bleep)ecstatic to see the rum,

because I'm (bleep)pale as (bleep).

My (...)'s gonna be fine.

It's gonna (bleep)blister up and (bleep).

I need to relaxand chill out a little bit.

I may be not be ableto read the map for you,

but I can do this.Yay!

At this point,I'm definitely wondering

what AJ's doing and if he is,like, in love with his date.

1, 2, 3.1, 2, 3.

Or if he's, you know,equally, like...really?


You all right?(coughs)