• Season 1, Ep 11

The Miami Monkey Hosts A Swimsuit Fashion Show

As the last big event of the Summer, the Miami Monkey hosts a swimsuit fashion show featuring the swimwear of Betty Bangs.

11/14/2013 · 2:38

>> Take your time.

>> You know your second suit?

Do you guys know your second


You should be--

No, you should be at the end of

the first set.

>> 60 seconds!

>> It's so exciting, it's

nerve-wracking, but exciting at

the same time.

I'm ready for this.

>> I'm very anxious here.

There's a lot of people out

there and I've never been on a

runway before in a little itsy

bitsy string bikini,

so I'm nervous.

>> ♪ I'm in a pickle 'cause ♪

♪ I'm fickle don't know ♪

♪ What to do ♪

>> Go Regina!

♪ The right to need to change ♪

♪ A few it takes imagination ♪

♪ To get through ♪♪

>> Look at her body, Angela.

>> Regina, oh, my God,

she is slammin'.

Now, this is exactly what we've

been talking about.

This is the kind of party I

wanted from the jump start.

I came down to Miami to

accomplish something and I did.

>> I gave a little shake,

you know, a little movement,

a little bop.

>> She's atrocious.

Nobody wants to look at that.

>> The crowd's loving me.

>> Hey, hold on, let us see your


>> ♪ Drop that beat ♪

♪ DJ drop that beat ♪

>> Whoa!

>> Woo!

>> Cristina looks amazing.

Usually, it's real easy for me

to focus on music.

>> Go Cristina!

Good girl, good girl!

>> I mean, their bodies are


The energy is unbelievable.

It looks like the Monkey is just

fine without you, Morgan.

>> My staff really made

me proud of them.

From the day we started 'til

now, big, huge difference.

Nate killed it behind

the DJ booth.

Ryan worked her ass off and did

a great job by herself behind

the bar.

Roxanne pulled everything


Marissa looked amazing and

Cristina I was really proud of.

She didn't have no drinks, she

was on great behavior and she

looked beautiful, too.

I have no idea what happened

to Morgan, nor do I care.