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Hooked On You

Keegan and Diane go spearfishing on their first naked date.

07/31/2014 · 1:35

There's our spear.

(Diane)I've nevergone spear fishing

and I've always wantedto try it.

I justhope I get something.

Let's go fish.

Okay.All right?

Let's try it.

Three-pronged spears aroundprivate areas, a little scary.

So, uh, hopefully,we can avoid that.

♪ I'm ready to rollinto new and improved ♪

♪ Ready to leave the pastbehind ♪

(Diane)Keegan definitely looks strongand in shape like,

he can handle himselfwith a spear, you know, muscles.

♪ So it'sone on my mind ♪

(Keegan)I'm definitelya legs and ass man.

And Diane seems to fitthe profile

so we should be okay.

I got one,I got one, I got one.


(Keegan)It was crazy,a massive fish.

That's huge.


(Keegan)I'm not afraid that I looklike less of a man

'cause Iwasn't successful.

I mean, it is whatit is.

It's justspear fishing.

(Diane)Are you scared?

No, but I don't knowwhat's good.

Okay, so yougotta cut off his head.

Ew, that's disgusting.

You wanna go out frontand have a drink or something?

Sure, yeah,let's do that.