• Season 2, Ep 12 ·

Hit The Floor: Off The Court With James LaRosa + Season 2, Episode 12

Series creator James LaRosa discusses Ahsha being fired from the Devil Girls, Derek's relationship with his mother, and the Season 2 cliffhangers.

08/11/2014 · 2:25

Why would youwant me here?

Thank Jelena for that.

You'll find outjust how tricky

doing businesswith Jelena can be.

Because of this whole plan thatJelena has orchestrated,

rather thanget her hands dirty,

she basically seesan opportunity

for Lionel to basically doall of her dirty work,

and in the process, set Sloaneup to do something which...

God, must havefelt good for Jelena.

Not only does Ahshaget fired,

but Sloane isthe one that has to do it,

and it's a huge blowfor Ahsha-- huge.

It hits her ona hundred different levels,

and I wouldn't think thatJelena should sleep

very comfortablyafter that, maybe.

I just had the moment of mylife, and all you care about

is how you can makemoney off of it--

not money for me,money for you.

Derek, you arehurting my feelings.

You don't have feelings.

We have a guy who is juststriving, striving, striving

and just never hittingthe mark.

But now, with Mary Romancoming back and...

you'd think,oh, finally, she's engaged.

All it took was getting tothe championships,

and now mom's there,and you're kind of going...

I question it, you know,poor Derek.

They go to the restaurantand there's just a bunch of

shysters there who want to sellhim all sorts of garbage

and it really opensDerek's eyes to he's never

going to get what he wantsfrom her.

And he sees the differencebetween Ahsha and his mom,

and he's like, "I may be messedup, I may do things wrong,

but I deserve betterthan what you're giving me."

So he writes her offand now wants to take

a giant leap forwardwith Ahsha.

What's excitingabout the show

and about the cliffhangersthat we do is we really--

all the cliffhangers,particularly the season finales,

I know what those arebefore the season starts,

and so I'm able to not onlybuild toward them,

but know what that next seasoncould possibly look like.

I'm excitedthat we have been able

to really keep everyonebalanced.

I think everyone'sstorylines were so packed

and nobody got lostin the shuffle,

and everyonegot their moments.

I think if you're a fan of anyparticular character,

this is the season for youbecause they're all up to stuff.

Um, and I'm excited forthe reaction to the finale

because we put a lot of blood,sweat and tears into it...

maybe literally.