• Season 1, Ep 1

Jasmine Steals the Show

Jasmine and Wee Wee meet for the first time and Jasmine's good looks stirs some jealous within Wee Wee.

07/17/2014 ยท 1:42

She's nice.She's definitely nice.

I'm definitely--(sniffles)

So she's not gonna,like, cause any drama?

Nah, definitely not.

What about your dude?Is he a douche?

No, no, he's nice.He's really funny.

Yeah?He's silly.

I really wantto see Joe's date,

and I want to see what this girllooks like already.

It's killing me.

Did she--Oh, hey.


Oh, you're beautiful.

Jasmine, Wee Wee.You're gorgeous.

Jasmine, hi.I'm Wee Wee.

Nice to meet you.

(Wee Wee)This girl is gorgeous.

She's absolutely beautiful.



(Joe)Here he is.


Hi.This is Jack.

I'm Jasmine.

Jasmine, goodto meet you.

My first initial thoughtof Jasmine is just like,

"Whoa... this girlis gorgeous."

Hi, Jack,how are you?

I'm good, how are you?You look so different.

Do I?Yeah.

I almost forgotwho Wee Wee was.

Are we allgetting naked again?

I'll go in.

You'll go in?Yes.


I want to take all of yourarticles of clothing over here.

Aw, becausethey're still warm.

I wanted this timeto spend with Joe.

I'm just wilding outto have fun.

That's awesome.Know what I mean?

Yeah, right now...I'm gonna pull you in.

Ah, no, don't even!

(Joe laughing)

(Jasmine)I am very strongand confidant.

I am very pretty.

And I think he needsto know me more.

(chuckling)There you go.

A tad bit, you know?Really?

Oh, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah?

(Jasmine)Wee Wee is very into him,

but I like him.


(Joe)You good?Yes.

And I want him.

(Jack)I'm jumping in.

Oh, yeah!

(Joe)He's in.